Friday, March 19, 2010

movie reviews

so here in the ruth home, we like to watch movies, specifically one dollar red box movies but every now and then we will venture out in to the theater.  Danny always suggest going to the movies when i say "what should we do tonight." He's such a movie buff and i love that about him. I mean what girl doesnt want to go sit in a dimmed room, holding hands, sitting oh so close because the arm rest definitely goes up and then knowing since your seeing a movie you already have something to "discuss" in the car on the way home...always the perfect date! Another thing that makes watching movies so great with danny is that we both love all kinds of movies...for the most part and we always can find a "happy medium" on what to watch.

Though we are both pretty open minded about movie selection we do each have our own "preferences" when it comes to movies. For example, danny will usually pick a movie that has a male leading role who is usually the "hero" who fights for something whether it be for his country, his team, his family or his own life. Some examples of this would be: back to the future, gladiator, bourn identity, the dark knight etc.  He also likes comedy movies that involves grown men acting like 21 year olds in college that say & do things that make no sense what-so-ever (this would be where we disagree) some examples of this would be: dumb & dumber, elf, anchorman. I on the other hand, strongly dislike comedy movies. My preferred choice of movie is usually movies no one has heard of or arent usually advertised very much, I dont like to watch movies that everyone is talking about (ex. Avatar, I have no desire to see it).  I like movies that are depressing, that deal with real life issues, and will usually have an awesome soundtrack, some examples of this would be: garden state, juno and life as a house. I pretty much like any movie that can make me laugh, cry and reflect on my own life either after watching it or while watching it. I look for movies that I hope will inspire me or show me a new point of view.

With all that said, its nice to know that danny & i can somehow always agree on a movie unless its something extremely girly such as the movie "my sisters keeper" or something extremely, what he likes to call, funny such as "blades of glory."

Here are a few movies we have either watched or rented in the past couple of weeks and what we thought of them.

1. Where the Wild Things Are- PG- definitely not kid friendly even though its rated PG. The movie has a very deep and dark (precisely why I liked it) and keeps you thinking a lot.  Danny didnt really care for it but there were a few parts he laughed. If your expecting to reminisce back when you were in elementary school reading this book...think again before renting it.

2. Remember Me- PG13- starring edward from twilight! This movie was very good! We saw this in the theater last week and both liked it very much. The ending was such a spoiler and very much unexpected. It is a pretty serious movie, dealing with romance, family conflict and one pretty funny roommate.

3. The Box- PG13- starring Cameron Diaz.  some what of a "thriller." we never watch scary movies but there was nothing else to rent so we got it. i honestly got bored towards the end because like most scary movies the "killer" ends up being some really scientific alien kinda weird thing...that could obviously never happen. so its a little silly, but if you like a little scary sci-fi then go for it.

4. Precious-R- first off, we never watch rated R movies. Not because were under 17 but because the reason movies are rated R is either because of nakedness...which i find extremely awkward and weird to watch, violence...which i dont care to see due to my lack of ability to remind myself its fake, and/or language...which i absolutely cant stand. i think the only thing cussing proves is the lack of vocabulary a person has.  But I had really been wanting to see this movie, long before it was even winning all these major awards. And now i can totally see why it won so many. It was really really really good. Now the language is really really really bad but it fits the content of the movie (if that makes sense) because the people in the show are very low intelligent people who live in an environment that it would be really strange if they didnt cuss. Anyway, before you rent it, beware its extremely depressing and pretty crude... but it is the real world for most people and it reminded me of when i worked with teenagers in Abilene. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives we forget there are people kids out there who have it far more worse.

well thats are movie watching so far...up next for us to see is: the blind side, the book of eli and up in the air.

have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. Amber, you should totally see Up In The Air. I just watched it last week and it was an excellent movie. I think it fits the criteria of the kind of movies you said you like. It's very good. I have never been a super huge George Clooney fan, but he is so perfect in this movie. Definitely worth renting.

  2. we loved the blind side, and phillip loved the book of eli...he even saw it twice.
    you are a good critique.
    miss ya!