Thursday, April 22, 2010

leave it to a murphy

wow a lot has been going on lately and unfortunately I havent been blogging about any of it. so now im sitting her trying to decide if I should back track or just skip to the most recent blog worthy event. =/

maybe i'll just back track and see how far I get until danny says sarcastically honestly, "are you writing a novel over there?"

no, i changed by mind because im scared i might lose your attention so I'm going to write about Murphy, yes our dog, our special dog to be exact. he can be quiet entertaining I assure you.

This conversation has come up a lot lately when talking about Murphy, so I figured its a good way to start... whenever we're out walking murphy, or at the dog park, people always come up to us and say "is that a westie?" we respond "yes it is," which leads them to say "those are dogs are really smart." Majority of the time we just smile and try to agree, but lately we've had a hard time resisting the urge to just bust out laughing and say "not our westie!"  Now dont get my wrong, we love murphy and he's the sweetest, potty trained, knows "no" and loves ice cubes dog thats around, but when it comes to the word smart...not so much. he gets wrapped around trees, runs into things, plays with human food instead of actually eating it (this is a good thing) and still does not understand the words "come here." but he's really cute and he gets compliments every where we take him, we'll just keep the intelligence factor to ourselves. =)

Speaking of murphy's personality, he has lately developed a hint of narcolepsy. yes, the sleeping disorder. You see after he's gone on his walk, eaten dinner, had his tug/play/fetch time with danny he's pretty much done for the day. He will start walking around the living room and just collapse on his side out of no where to take a quick nap. Its pretty funny, he gets so worn out so easily... precisely why a) we need a back yard and b) we take him to the dog park as much as possible.

And finally, while we're on the subject of sleeping, Murphy did the unthinkable Wednesday morning at 4 AM. Like i said at 4 in the morning I was awoken with murphy trying to snuggle up with me or so i thought. Instead, I quickly figured out he was trying to wake me up. Wake me because he had peed, in his sleep. I guess I should mention where murphy sleeps... on my pillow above my head... getting a mental image here? soak and wet... pee hair, dog pee to be exact. All of my hair was drenched in murphys pee, along with my pillow and t-shirt I was sleeping in. Before noticing he pee'd on my hair, i woke danny up and said "murphy pee'd in the bed" and once I rose and felt the wet on my neck I startled "murphy pee'd on my head!" I quickly ran to the shower and started crying.  With that said, we're thinking murphy may have a bladder infection, because this is the second time this week he has just started peeing while sleeping, so we're gonna give him a couple of more days then maybe give the vet a call if this crazy behavior continues,

for now murphy sleeps on his dad side.

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  1. Amber,

    Could you please contact me I would like to get photos of myself and the 6 grankids, call me so we can make arrangements...
    (817) 937-8071

    Great Work... Love you, your favorite Aunt Jan...