Wednesday, April 14, 2010

say cheese!

i feel like i havent been doing to well on my blogging this month and i promise i have excuses for my lack of story writing and witty sense of humor. the truth being is ive been crazy busy with my little photography business hobby. This past weekend I had 4 photo shoots and so now im glued to the computer editing pictures of others instead of our own life, so forgive me for the lack of images on my next few blogs for the time being. ive also been busy studying at night, I plan on taking my test June 11th but I still havent been able to register yet so it might not be until July till I can take it. Either way I feel very positive about it and super excited to pass this test and finally be on the road to listening to others vent about their lives that will usually result to them blaming their parents for the way they are (its any easy way out, but does have a lot of truth to it). =) Anyway, moving on...

some things to look forward to on our blog:
the closet
date night
"we're moving"

sounds interesting huh?!  Well, no cool stories tonight only because people have paid me to get them their pictures so...thats where i will be... airbrushing skins, adding contrast, brightening eyes and adding some vibrance ahhhh all in days work.

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