Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy campers

A couple of weekends ago we went camping in Mineral Wells with Danny's sister, Angie, her husband, Al, and their two little girls, Brenley and Brooklyn. It was such a nice park and I would recommend to anyone who was looking for a good camping site. We only stayed one night but I felt like we got to do a lot, and one night of sleeping outside with no shower and having to walk a few hundred yards to the bathroom to throw up at 3 in the morning was more than enough for me =) Luckily this was the only time I got sick, I think being out doors with the fresh air really kept all that vomit down. =) okay i'll stop with the vomiting one liners.

Anyway, so camping...on our way down there we stopped and ate a "woodys" also known as the "best hamburger in texas" also know as Casey James (from american idol) uncles restaurant.  It was definitely one of those hole in wall places that charged 2 bucks for a bowl of jalapenos straight out of jar from walmart or brookshires, not sure if there was even a walmart thats country. But at least we can say we ate at Casey James uncle's place who happens to serve the best hamburgers in texas, along with a bag of chips and a can coke all from the local grocery store.

When we got to the camp site the boys immediately started putting the tents up and started a fire. Angie and I started unloading the cars and arranging the food for dinner that night and easy access to snacks and fluids. After the tents were up, the boys decided to go fishing, where the only thing that was really caught and worth talking about was a log and then a baby rattlesnake was found and sadly yet grateful killed. After fishing we went on a miniature hike to see the rock climbing place.  It was pretty awesome. Rock climbing sounded like something really fun to do but being pregnant and all totally shot that idea down, in fact being the delicate creature the lord made me...pretty much shut that idea down all together.  that night we had hotdogs and hamburgers and sat around the fire shooting the breeze with one another. Its fun being around Al because he always a story to tell or can always keep the conversation going. Danny and I can sometimes be pretty quiet around other people so having someone who is pretty social makes it easier on us to communicate.

That next morning after Angie and Al made breakfast burritos that were indeed delicious, Angie and I went on walk, while the boys watched the girls & murphy. By the time we got back it was the perfect time to have some s'mores and start loading up the car. Just in time for the temperatures to start getting up in the 80's. I have to say besides the 3 in the morning throw up trip, I was overall a happy camper and this will go down in the books as a successful camping trip.

Heres some pictures of our time together!!

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