Monday, May 24, 2010

a weekend full of perks!

this past weekend i was asked to photograph a 3 day Biblical Counseling Conference. As you may already be guessing this weekend had many perks to it. For one, i like to take pictures and even better when I get paid to take pictures. From the money I made at the conference and past sessions that I have been saving, I plan on buying a new camera after selling my camera i have now...any takers?! =)

The Nikon D60 is what I have right now, the Canon EOS 50D is what I will be getting.

Another awesome advantage to this conference was that not only did they pay me to take pictures, they paid for me to stay in a hotel for 2 night/3 days as well...and I love staying in hotels, I would live in a hotel if given the opportunity!  And finally, the biggest perk of all is the actual conference that consisted of about 10 speakers all of which whom were counselors, but counseled according to the Gospel. It was Awesome! Even though I went to a Christian University where I received a Masters in Counseling...and I've gone to church all my life... I have really struggled with connecting the idea of psychology with what the Bible is preaching and this conference really opened my eyes and heart. Though I was snapping pictures left and right I was trying to retain as much information as possible. I got to meet and talk with the President of the Association of Biblical Counselors, who told me to send him my resume...once i pass that silly test of course, which i take in July! =)  I even got to meet, Paul Tripp, one of the speakers, who gave me a free book!

So, my weekend was pretty encouraging when it comes to the whole "what i want to do with my life." I did miss my sweet husband even though he did come to fort worth to stay with me friday night. My days started at 7:45 in the morning and ended close to 10 before getting back to my hotel room. I was pretty exhausted and extremely sick come sunday morning. I feel like my body is still trying to recover.

As far as my pregnancy, I will be 11 weeks this Wednesday! I'm still throwing up pretty much everything that goes in my hoping i have only 2 more weeks of this, so pray that I somehow by the grace of God I keep food down, im really starting to worry about weight gain and if I'm giving my body and the baby enough nutrients. =/  for now grilled cheese and blueberry bars are the only thing thats working, suggestions would be great!

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