Friday, June 11, 2010

a little spaghetti outloud

its friday and i figured a make a post full of highly random keep up! =)

i'm 13.5 weeks pregnant and i've only thrown up twice today. danny took a test at work today and received a "non-pass" i guess the score givers feel as though your confidence isn't hurt as much if they say "non pass" instead of plain ol'e Fail. I feel bad for him. I hate to watch him "non-pass," it kinda reminds me of when i watched him play baseball and he would strike out (rarely)...just not a good feeling from his biggest fan.  Catch myself thinking about the "watcha talkin about Willis" kiddo and how miserable his life was because he chose to not have a relationship with his family.  Getting my hair high lighted tomorrow morning, i've decided blondes really do have more fun and brunettes just throw up.  I work with a couple of people who think its a bad idea to "color' your hair when your pregnant, but I think its a bad idea to not like the color of your hair. And for the record my doctor said it was okay...twice. I'm starting to think my brother n law is right... the iphone really will rule the world one day. i really really really want an ipad, but i want a new camera more. my husband is saying no to the new camera idea until i pass my LPC test. I have no desire to study anything but babies theses days. Danny is gone golfing right now, i'm think its hot that he golfs =) I decided to wear my plaid shorts today on behalf of him golfing.  I went to Pea in the Pod last night after work and fell in love. I'm not sure why every pair of jeans aren't made with that incredible comfy band and I didnt know you could get Joe jeans and 7 seven jeans for pregnant people...very excited about this. I tried the prego pants on and they didnt fit yet, but i'm sure next month i'll be using my allowance for a new pair of jeans =) I did purchase a nursing a bra from there, making me feel so motherly! Cant decide if we should deliver at baylor frisco or plano presbyterian. I'm really wanting us to go on vacation soon...somewhere we can relax, eat good food and baby shop =)  I evaluated 1 year old twins today that looked nothing was really kinda strange. I need help with a  boys name, so feel free to chime in,  so far i like the following for either first or middle names: (in no particular order) Sam, Kingston, Cullen, Landon, Hudson, Conner, Preston, Talan,Nolan, Caden. For girls: Hannah Rae no contest. Runner up names for girls: Evey, London, Denver, Hensley, Alice, Lucy, Eloise. I feel like I missing some names but oh well.  Listened to a sermon yesterday that talked about "what your called to do" in a nut shell he asked a simple questions " what do you care about?" I was like "wow" why haven't I ever thought of that.  What do I care about? I care about marriages. I hate divorce and I believe nothing good can come from them except God's grace if accepted. I dont consider myself wise enough, smart enough or mature enough to counsel couples just yet but I will say that is my ultimate goal one day regarding my love for counseling so for now i study couples, i watch them, i analyze them, i read about them and i listen to them (this could be consider ease dropping)  I think the bachelorette is the dumbest show on television, keep in mind we only have about 9 channels but still I think its made for people with half a brain and half a heart. My OB doctor watches it with her grandmother. I'm so hungry but so this possible? I get to take pictures of a newborn on Monday...sweet baby caroline, I went to college with her mommy, who is gorgeous so I'm pretty sure this lil girl will be quiet precious. welp going out of town to abilene tomorrow for a wedding...need to pack. I always stress about what to wear to weddings these days, sunday best? casual? black tie affair? so stressful. I'll leave you with my week 13 pregnancy pic! 

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