Friday, June 18, 2010

so much pressure

So its been exactly a week since I last blogged and even though I have oh so many stories I could write about I honestly have no pictures to really post to go along with the oh so many entertaining stories. Danny has been known to tell me that my post are only fun to read if I have pictures to go along with it. Is it just me or does that excuse sound like its coming from a 5 year old? Or maybe its just coming from someone who doesn't like to read. Precisely why I buy my husband audio books. They work like a charm and he has no excuse to not read listen to all those wonderful books I so desperately believe will be life transforming...this does include the bible, yes my husband listens to the bible on Audio because he chooses not doesn't like to read. i tell you ladies and gentlemen theirs a solution for everything. My 6th grade reading teacher use to say "thats a problem not a solution" whenever we said things like "i dont have a pencil" or "I have to pee" or "the boy behind me just put gum in my hair." Mrs. Wade was right, where theres a will theres a way.

Speaking of old school teachers, a few months ago my 8th grade english teacher, Mrs. Sullivan, contacted me on facebook to see how I was doing. Turns out she had been reading my blog and wanted to give herself credit on my so called "writing skills." Little did she know, I've always been somewhat of a writer, though she did introduce Romeo & Juliet to me which I will treasure dearly. I think my parents knew I had an hand for writing from the get go of when I started school. My english and writing teachers loved me, or maybe it was the blonde hair, blue eyes I inherited from my father that they found so charming. Either way I was always the "teachers helper." I had 3 dreams when I was little: become an author (pronounced "arrrther" at the age of 7), play in the WNBA and work at Kmart, yes, I wanted to announce the blue light specials, who didnt? None of those dreams have obviously worked out, Kmart probably wouldnt be the best place for my high class social status I try to maintain, not too many people are 5'3 in the WNBA and I write like a talk, southern with a smidge of sarcasm from time to time, which pretty much squashes any dream of being a professional writer not to mention my lack of grammar. But I will say before I die I would love to write a book that would some day become a movie...

Anyway, I'm getting a little off topic here, as usual. The point of this post was to write about how much pressure I have been feeling to actually be entertaining. Almost every day I get an email, a facebook message or run into someone who says "i love reading your blog!" And I usually just laugh and say thanks. but I cant help but think "how many people are really reading my blog?! Because honestly, as most bloggers know, you really dont know who reads it unless they leave a comment. But apparently I have a pretty big fan club and I tell ya...the pressure is on, i just wonder if they notice all my typos to be honest and that maybe I should be getting paid. 

So today I came home to find dog poop on our door step. therefor either were being pranked or somebody hates us for our "really smart westie."

happy early fathers day weekend!

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