Wednesday, July 21, 2010

boy oh boy!

What a day yesterday was! First we signed a lease on a house in Plano...yes a real brick, 3 bed room 2 bath, with a back yard and great neighborhood house! I'm so excited to be in a house! I will miss our little apartment but I believe the time has come to give up apartment living! =) We will be able to start moving in August 1st and wont have to be out of our apartment till the 24th, which will give us plenty of time to slowly move in! I'll post pictures of the house as soon as I can.

Yesterday also marked the day we discovered we were having a baby BOY! How exciting! I will admit I was a little shocked at first because I was somewhat convinced I was having a girl. Danny on the other hand literally jumped out of his chair with excitement when we saw his tiny little man hood! =) I am definitely in boy mode now and cant wait to start getting hats, ties and overalls! I still plan on doing the nursery in neutral/mostly white colors with maybe a hint of brown.

My visit with the doctor went well, he was measure a little ahead schedule but not enough to change the actual due date. I have known this for awhile since my doctor has been going off the day of my last period and not by the day of conception, which does changes things a little. Yesterday, i was proven right, ahhh the sweetness of knowing more than a least for once in my life let me gloat! =) Little Baby Ruth weighed a big 8 ounces, which to me seems like a lot considering Ive only gained 3 pounds. Everything was "within normal limits" and at this point in my pregnancy everything looks normal. She does want to go ahead and do another sonogram in about 4 weeks since I am still getting sick, just to make sure the baby is still growing consistently. I'm excited because my best friend, Amelia is going to come with me to my next appointment. Danny is not going to be able to make it due to work and I dont like to go by myself, so she said she would come, works out wonderfully!

Next issue at the name! We have not settled on a boy name at this time so if you have any suggestions that you dont plan on using for yourself I would love to hear them =) Right now we like Hudson...but Hudson doesnt have a middle name. I really want something a little unique, using neither of our names (amber michele or daniel robert) and something that sounds "athletic" because our child will be an all start athlete. Its a given. Both of our dads were amazing athletes, danny is an amazing an athlete and honestly I'm not too bad myself =) so beware America the next Olympian is growing in my tummy.

And Finally,  Tonight we found out that Danny's grandmother passed away, his dad's mom. We are grateful she is in a better place and is so lucky to now be with our Jesus. However, it is a sad time for the family and friends that surrounded her.  Please keep their family in your prayers through this time of loss and while many will be making travel arrangements to get to St. Louis. Danny's parents are out of the country at this time so we ask for prayers for them as well.

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