Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The past few days have been a little crazy to say the least. Tuesday of last week we found out we are expecting a sweet baby boy, the very next night we learned danny's grandmother had passed away. We knew immediately we would need to start thinking about travel arrangements, a pet sitter and how many days we needed to take off work in order to get to Missouri for the viewing and the funeral.  We ended up leaving our house at 4:30 in the morning to meet up with Danny's sister and her family to drive the 10 or so hours.

Sunday night was the viewing, it would also be the last time for anyone in the family to see Grandmaw Ruth. The casket was closed during the visitation time and the burial was done before the ceremony.  A little different but I believe it worked out well for everyone, her husband including.

I witnessed an almost 90 year old man see his loving wife for one final time. I witnessed tears streaming down his face and his small fragile looking body just break for a moment. I was told when first saw her in the casket he said "I just want to take her home." He was so strong for most of the time and for his family, but for a few moments... he did indeed break. I know death comes for us all at some point in our lives and even when your 90 something years old it may seem "expected" as a lot of people may say, but losing your best friend, the person you created a child with and a life with, the only person you actually get to choose to be in your life is finally gone, in my opinion... its hard to make anything else matter.

The action or idea of "Loss" is what usually breaks us, it is usually what causes us pain. Whether we lose something by choice or by chance it can cause an unbearable amount of sadness. But for loss to really have that kind of effect on someone, Love has to come first and from what I discovered this man really loved his wife. I wish I had known this couple longer but I am so grateful I got to meet them last summer.

I plan on blogging more about Grandpaw Ruth and the example he has passed on to his son and now his grandson who I have been so blessed to have married... but dinner and a hungry hard work husband are calling =)

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  1. so i have tears streaming down my face! maybe its also because i just posted about this same thing on my blog...ha, we were probably typing at the same time! :)