Saturday, July 10, 2010

This July so far...

I realize I am quite behind on my postings, therefore I'm going to try to make this short & sweet and let the pictures do most of the talking.

A couple of weeks ago Danny's dad got to throw out the first pitch at the Ranger game! And if that's not cool enough...danny & i got to go on the field to watch! Heres a couple of pics:

Then it was fourth of july weekend, I was able to capture some pictures of all our nieces & nephews swimming. As u probably know I am not a swimmer therefore you will not see me in the pool, probably why I took so many pictures =) Great excuse to stay away from the water.

Another exciting thing that has happened is we got our crib! We bought it off of Craig's List from the sweetest family! I've personally have never purchased anything from Craigs List and have always been a little hesitant too but this was by far a wonderful shopping experience, nothing creepy about it, we even got to eat at a chicken express (which is a big deal b/c there's not one around here in "high class" frisco). I am so excited about the nursery, I really have been picturing an all white nursery. No bold or bright colors, just something simple, chic, and with a touch of vintage. I can already see a little girls room...a chandelier, antique whites everywhere, ruffles, lace, a shaggy rug....ahhh! i know white isnt the best choice for a kids room but i'm sure my style will change before baby ruth gets too messy...right? =/  Anyway, heres a picture of the crib, its from pottery barn, antique white and just as cute as it is in this picture, however our room wont have as much pink =)


Oh this past week I also took pictures of my cousin and his wife! They are expecting their first baby boy as well this September. If your interested in seeing how their photoshoot went here: !

Speaking of baby, i went to the doctor this past thursday and learned that i had gained a pound!! woohoo! she took me off the anti nausea medicine, by demand request and kept me on the protonix which is for reflux. I was on Reglan and after doing a little research and talking to other mothers I quickly learned that for children to be given this drug a parent must sign a waiver due to the risk factors/side effects. with that said if its too dangerous to give to child, i'm assuming its too dangerous to be given to a pregnant lady. Sometimes you really do have to go off your own judgement instead of your doctors and just pray that the Lord's got ya covered. So anyway, I'm still throwing up on daily basis but usually only once or twice a day. I have gained an appetite and am starting to enjoy eating again... especially ice cream =) My "spirits" are definitely back up and I am so excited to be having a baby and starting to really like being pregnant! We find out if its a boy or a girl in exactly 10 days!! oh so exciting! My doctors prediction, based on me being sick for so long, is that its either a girl or twins. I'm gonna go with girl!  She says that most women who are still sick into their 2nd trimester usually have girls or they have more than one baby growing in there. Here I am couple days before 17 weeks!

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