Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This past Friday was dannys birthday, he turned 27! Wow what an old man! Juuusst kidding. Danny didnt want to do much for his birthday, which is pretty typical. When I asked him over and over and over for months what he wanted as a gift and what he wanted to do he would say "nothing." So finally when the week of his birthday finally approached i was still giftless and idea-less. He finally caved and said he wanted to go out to eat for sushi and that he wanted a sushi roller. I asked him if he wanted to invite a big group of people and he declined and wanted to make sure I hadn't planned any surprises. Lucky for him...i didnt. So my birthday gift to danny was for me to go golfing with him so he could show off he his awesome golf skills and then take him out for sushi that night. I only lasted 9 holes, before the heat really started setting in and we had to call it quits. I had never really seen danny golf besides at the driving range and I have to say he's as really good as everyone says he is, not that expected anything less of course from my mr. all around athlete husband, he's definitely an all star.

That night we went out for sushi at Ra in the shops of Legacy in Plano with our friends Amanda and Bo. Those 3 ate all kinds of colorful and pretty looking sushi while I had fully cooked teriyaki chicken. After wards we walked around the shops of Legacy for a little while and then came back to our apartment and rented a movie to wrap up the night.
We had a pretty good weekend! Happy birthday danny and i promise to get you that sushi roller as soon i know where to buy one! i love you love you love you! =)

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