Friday, August 27, 2010


long time no blog everyone... we have been super busy here at the Ruth home leaving me with not much time to sit down, up load pictures, edit pictures (because this is a must) and then write an entertaining monologue to go with those pictures. I'm not sure if the word "monologue" was actually used correctly just now but it flowed so well in my head.

Anyway, I am 24 weeks pregnant now! And the biggest news of all is I havent thrown up in about 3 weeks! I am finallyyyyy enjoying my pregnancy, finally liking food, and finally gaining weight! At our last doctors appointment i gained 6 pounds! I definitely have a round tummy now that seems to be growing everyday. We also had another sonogram done just to make sure baby ruth was getting bigger since my weight gain had been lacking...but just as I (and the scale) had expected he had grown for sure! At 23 weeks he weighed 1lb 2oz and as healthy as a horse. Who even really knows what"healthy as a horse" really means...but in other words, he is looking great and growing just fine! He is measuring to be due December 15th! I am still having trouble taking my prenatal vitamins, so for now I am taking my folic acid on a daily basis and still "exploring" ways to make sure I'm getting all the necessary vitamins i need. So if you have any ideas...let me know! I have looked for a chewable/gummy multivitamin but they all have a high amount of Vitamin A in them which is something my doctor has told me to not take, which I thought was strange at first until I noticed all of the samples prescription prenatal vitamins that were given to me from the doctors office had no Vitamin A in them at all. So...with that said its been hard finding a vitamin that works =/ Heres my 22 week was actually the night of my birthday! 

 Since we have moved into a house, with a neighborhood, that has sidewalks that leads to a fantastic walking path...i have started walking everyone morning before work. Me and the Murph "up and at em" at 6 in the morning for our 45 min walk. I have really enjoyed it and feel much more energized! It has also made for a great quiet time and I have caught myself actually looking forward to my morning walk while getting ready for bed. I am hoping walking Murphy every morning will not only improve our love/hate relationship but will also help him enjoy his new home more. Murphy has had a very difficult time transitioning from the apartment to now our house. Maybe my next blog will be about the worlds greatest dog. I hope you said that last sentence with just a hint of sarcasm, bc it was typed with a handful of it. 

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  1. amber you are so cute! i was just writing a blog at the same time as you, ha ha:) seriously so glad that you are feeling so much better, so happy you are in your house and can't wait to see pics of it, your fabric you picked out with mom, and more pics of little hudson! love him already! love you!