Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tick tock

Life as we know it right now is somewhat on the hectic somewhat stressful side. And I think this is pretty normal for women to feel every now & then or maybe its just me. However, I know for a fact i'm not crazy because for the last 2 days after getting home close to 2 hours later from work from when I normally do and going in an hour earlier than i normally do my husband and I have met each other in the middle of our house...me coming from the garage door and him coming from the front door... to embrace each other with a silent, a little bit longer than normal, hug.  Again its totally normal for me to get a little "antsy" but for danny to actually say the words "i'm stressed," is a pretty big deal, which then leads me to get a little even more antsy, its amazing how we feed off of each others energy or lack there of. You see we are both studying for very important test right now, danny will take his on the 15th while I take mine on the 24th. If danny fails he can take his test again, if i fail...well lets just say my 6 years of college and 2 degrees will be useless (in a sense). Its very hard for the both of us to find time to study, especially since we have a house full of boxes and stuff just everywhere that is screaming to be hung up, organized or in its own special little place. Times like these I sometimes wish I was a stay at home wife so 10 hours of my day weren't spent away from home and all the things that I could be doing. Laundry could get done, boxes unpacked, dinner cooked, dishes washed and closets organized. Because right now our closet looks like a cleaners holding a garage sell excluding any ironing or starching. I wish I could show you pictures of so many these things but my desk hasnt been put together so my hard drive isnt connected to my computer which means I cant upload any pictures right now. Are you enjoying my whinning yet? Have I mentioned im pregnant too and peeing every hour during the night? =) Baby Ruth's room has been put on hold as well due to our lack of time for anything else.

I always thought my time being pregnant would look little different than what it does right now. I planned on spending hours reading pregnancy books, planing out my labor & delivery, reading books to my tummy/baby, decorating his room, shopping for him, journaling about him and even exercising more than just walking.  I haven't had time to do any of these things. And yes I'm aware of the old saying "you make time for the things you want to make time for" yes this is true and I feel it is exactly what we are doing. In my 24 hour day 10 hours is being spent at work(11 if you count getting ready for work in the morning), 6 hours sleeping (or peeing or getting a glass of water or cutting the A/C down), 2 hours spent cooking, eating and cleaning up dinner, 1 hour computer time (blogging, email checking, article reading, facebook), 1 hour walking in the mornings before work, and at least 2 hours of studying each night...leaving 1 lonely hour to do anything extra in the day whether that be return phone calls, spend time with my husband, watch tv, read any books, read to hudson, decorate our house, laundry...you get the idea. Wewh made me tired just thinking about it.

As you can see lack of time is really getting to me...its getting to danny too. As much as we enjoy all the great things we have in our life these next couple of weeks along with the last couple are just going to be crazy. I think I have even developed a sense of road rage, which is very uncharacteristic of me. I hardly ever get upset driving and I would consider myself a very cautious driver, this trait being adopted when I totaled two cars in a time span of 5 days in college, both times God willing I obviously survived. Lately, however, I have caught myself lecturing to people on how to drive especially at the four way stop I drive through daily. How hard is turn taking, isnt that what we teach 2 year olds? Thats all a four way stop is...turn taking.  And the whole driving too close, i'm aware I drive the speed limit and that will continue unless you travel to close to me then I will proceed to drive slower. Danny likes to follow others cars rather close, and it makes me so nervous. I almost need to put tape over my mouth and blind fold myself to avoid any "eeks" that drive danny crazy.

well just as I thought, i feel better now that I blogged about it. My hour computer time is up though unfortunately, so I hope you didnt email me because theres no time to check it. Unless we have pasta because I can whip that up pretty quickly saving me some time in the kitchen...hmm...


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  1. Amber, good luck on your studying! I know this is a busy time, but the Lord will be your strength!!