Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conversations with God

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I communicate with God. I talk to him on a daily basis and usually I am either asking him for something or thanking him for something, which i know isn't wrong but it seems like their could be more to our conversations.

I started thinking about how i communicate with the people around me, and mostly my husband. Like most couples, danny and I often struggle in the communication area, the way we both communicate isn't's just different and it takes a lot of work (and prayer) for us to be somewhat successful at it. And though it takes a lot of humility for me to admit this, I really do love how danny has chosen to communicate with me, even though some days (my more lazy i only want to communicate the way i want to communicate days) it does indeed drive me crazy. Overall, I believe his communication fits me perfectly as long as I can act like a normal sane person.

So like i said i started thinking about exactly "how" i talk to danny and I was trying to compare it with "how" i talk to God. I know the two relationships aren't exactly the same but in a sense they are. When danny and I are having one of those days where conversation is almost vital for me but nearly non existent for hom I have caught myself saying phrases like this:
- "I need you to talk to me"
-"I know you love me, but i need you to tell me"
-"I need you to show me you care about me, bc what your doing right now is making me feel as if you dont care."

I really hope I am not the only crazy wife out there that has said these phrases before but anyway, what I really got to thinking about was this is how I need to talk to God when I am lost, confused and not understanding his "plan of action" at the moment. So lately I have been trying to incorporate phrases like this in my conversations with God:
-"Lord, I know you love me but I need you to show me in a way I see it and I understand it"
-"I want you to talk to me, I want to hear your voice... I want a conversation with you"
-"I want to see your Glory, the power of your healing and I want to know it was directly from you"

So really i am asking God to simply talk to me, and show me ways that he loves me and cares about me.

how are you communicating with God?

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