Friday, July 30, 2010

back to the ER

This past Sunday I felt baby Ruth move/kick/yawn whatever it is he was doing...for the first time. I was sitting in a pew at the funeral home during Grandmaw Ruth's visitation. Danny and our brother n law Al were talking about, well come to think of it I have no clue what there were talking about. But all of a sudden I felt some little "bubble punches" (is what I am calling it for now) right below my belly button. It was the most amazing little feeling ever! I was so excited and immediately thought everyone in the room must know until I realized I was a funeral home surrounded by sadness. A part of me felt guilty at first for getting extremely happy but then I thought "Grandmaw Ruth knows whats going on, and she probably would of wanted me to get happy about it and not just ignore it" So I interrupted Danny and Al's conversation to let them know, not quiet sure if they would find my discovery as exciting as I did, but to my surprise they did. It was cute to see Danny's face light up and ask to feel..but unfortunately I think we're still a little too early for anyone else to feel him kick on the outside, only I get that privilege for now!

On Monday, the day of the funeral, I started to not feel well, Saturday had been a rough a day which left me throwing up about 5 times or so but Sunday was a good day so I was a little confused on why this was happening. I started feeling a lot of pressure on my bladder, leading me to believe the little guy was just laying right on it. The pain eventually got worse and moved to my entire right side and lower back. After the funeral, Shelly my sister in law, advised me to go drink a lot of water and go lay down... and trust me you dont second guess someone who's given birth to 4 children. So danny took me to the hotel, where i downed 2 bottles of water and some oreo cookies =) After about an hour of laying down, i was experiencing a sort of pain that has never encountered this body before. It felt as though someone had put a sword, not a knife, a sword in the right side of abdomen and was twisting it... continuously, and then i started shaking and then i started throwing up which led to me crying (blame it on the hormones).  I started to get really worried, praying it would go away, praying i wasn't having a miscarriage, praying i wasn't going into early labor. We started calling people to figure out what I should do... well within the next 30 minutes I was on my way to the emergency room in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Being pregnant leaves a lot of restrictions on what can be done and what types of medication can be given. The only thing we were really worried was the baby,after receiving 2 different types of pain medication, we had about a 45 minute sonogram and yes the baby was okay. They printed out several pictures for us, which gave me some relief for a moment. The pain medication definitely took away the pain but unfortunately it brought a stream of nausea with it. It was really embarrassing to throw up so much in front of danny, my mother n law and random medical staff. Danny was great on letting me know how bad it smelt...i blame the oreos. he was also great about holding my hair back and letting me squeeze his hand pre pain meds. After the sonogram the only thing that was ever really determined was my right kidney was inflamed.

The doctor advised me to stay over night in order to do an MRI the next morning, so I was moved to a normal hospital room. This was another first for me. I'd never stayed in a hospital over night before and I'd never been given pain medication through an IV either. Around 10 that night they hooked a pump so I could just push a button whenever i needed another dose of pain medication and they also started me on an antibiotic. I threw up for the last time at 2:15 in the morning and I never had to push the button for extra pain meds. All night and morning I kept thinking "i dont have to push the button..isnt that weird." Around 6 AM I realized that the pain had gone away and the vomiting had stopped. I was very much relieved and started thanking the Lord and hoping I wouldn't have to stay another day and/or get an MRI, I just wanted to go home and sleep. The Lord answered my prayers, no MRI, and I was out of the hospital and off to the airport by lunch time, with only a prescription for antibiotic in hand.

The final diagnosis you ask? Well, not too sure, but I love that in a way...all i know is the Lord did indeed heal me and protected our little growing baby.  But if you just have to have some medical reasoning i suppose i had a kidney/bladder infection due to dehydration from throwing up so much on saturday, not including the last 19 weeks.  I am down to throwing up about once a day, I'm not too sure why I'm still throwing up and neither are any of the doctors i see, its just one of those things that seems to be happening and I'm doing my best to control it...mostly by prayer =)

Many thanks to everyone who was praying for us b/c HE heard and HE delivered!


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