Tuesday, September 14, 2010

more like downgrade

so i havent blogged in awhile not because there isnt anything going on, quiet the opposite rather, but as I was getting ready to upload pictures ... and yes this was going to be a picture post, believe it or not. Pictures of our house, our bargain finds from the flee market and trade days, my 27 week prego pic, danny making sushi for the first time and murphys desperate need for a hair cut to be exact.  however, after "upgrading" my iphoto all my pictures have seem to have vanished, which at first didnt cause me to panic knowing our iphoto stays in a external hard drive i thought for sure the photos could quickly be recovered, apparently this is not true. every photo that has ever been taken is now missing. this includes engagement pictures, wedding pictures, honeymoon pictures, pregnancy pictures and all the in between including what was intended for this post. Sooooo if any of you are familiar with this this issue or know how i can get all our pictures back i would greatly appreciate it. I honestly cant complain too much only because i've had my Mac for about 3 years now (or longer) and this is the first time something crazy like this has happened, we've never had a virus, computer has never froze and we've never even had a pop up. my mac has been good to me so I suppose I should give it some grace. (but i really really really want my wedding pictures back...and hopefully the honeymoon ones are too much to ask for either).

well since, i cant post any pictures, i guess i'll get back to my after work routine...cooking, eating, cleaning and my all time favorite studying. really ready for this routine to stop being a routine.

Danny takes his test tomorrow at 1:30 pm, please be praying the Lord gives him favor, that the questions that are asked are the ones he is most familiar with, that he is not distracted by anyone or anything while taking the test and that he walks away knowing he did well and prepared all that he could.

I am so proud of him, he has been such a good example for me (since my study habits can sometimes lack) and he has shown great self discipline in preparing for this exam.

10 days till my test. kinda scared, kinda ready for it to be over.


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  1. hey amber,
    i've been wanting to call you and every time i think to do it, you are at work or it is late at night. i want to talk to you soon! i'm sorry about your pictures!! i'll be praying for danny tomorrow, and then for your test as well. i'll be glad for you guys when this part is over and you can really just be "nesting" for Hudson's arrival! can't wait to meet your little man!!! SOOO stinking excited!! miss you love you