Sunday, September 19, 2010

cooper steven

Thursday night at 9:46 pm my cousin and his wife had their 9lb 22in baby boy! Lindsey, the mom, was induced early that morning but cooper took his own sweet time and waited till almost everyone in the waiting room started to disengrate. Danny and I were blessed to have been there and be a part of one of the most important days of their lives. Craig, the dad, is actually my "double cousin" meaning my mom and his dad are brother & sister and my dad & his mom are brother sister.  Sounds a little confusing but I promise its legal. Sort of like a set of twins marrying another set of twins. Craig and I were very close growing up and who wouldnt be...we were at every single family event together since we had the same set of grandparents, aunts & uncles etc.  We are 7 months apart and now our baby boys are going to be just 3 months a part! I'm so excited for Hudson and Cooper to grow up together! I wish i would of asked if I could go into the delivery room because I really wanted to take pictures, not of spread legs or anything, but just to of been there to capture all the emotion on a day i'm sure the two of them will never forget. So if your reading this and would like your labor/delivery photographed (for free...for now at least lol) I would love to try and make that happen!

Anyway, enough talk...heres some pictures of when we all got to see cooper late thursday night. Unfortunately, for the camera that is, he was all swaddled up so i never really got a very good picture of him but baby coopers photo session is already in the works so no worries there!

I cant tell you how emotional I have been since we've left the hospital. I am so excited to meet hudson and I cant believe how much i love him already. i'm usually not a person who is at a loss for words, especially when it comes to writing but for some reason baby hudson has left me speechless... words just cant describe whats going on in my head and my heart. okay have to stop writing or the tears (of joy) will start flowing..oh those hormones! =)


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