Saturday, December 11, 2010


today is 12-11-10. today is when i was wanting hudson to come. today's date would of been a good day for a birthday. i know theres still time and today isnt' even half way over, but i'm not really feeling like I'm going to be having a baby today. i feel great actually. this whole past week i have felt pretty miserable, having contractions, having emotional break downs, being constipated, hungry but nothing sounding too great to eat, peeing every 20 minutes or at least "feeling" like i need to pee every 20 minutes, and mostly feeling anxious. today i dont feel any of these things. everything feels kinda normal, except for my clothes fitting a bit awkward.

my doctors appointment this week went well, on Monday her exact words were "i wouldn't be surprised if I heard from you this week" meaning she was sort of thinking Hudson might come this week...well the week is almost over and no hudson. Honestly i cant blame the kid, he probably heard the news, a cold front is coming in tomorrow...why would he want to leave my warm cozy tummy for a texas cold front? What he doesnt know is his daddy is going to be an amazing swaddler and has already gotten a little heater for his room. (yes my husband is awesomely sweet=)

At my appointment i was still 2 cm dilated, no big changes, not even in my weight. total gainage: 20 pounds still. my doctor is out of town right now until monday, so i guess its a good thing hudson isnt ready yet because i really like my doctor and would like for her to be present if all possible. For awhile i wasnt really liking my doctors but these last few appointment have been great. I havent felt rushed, she's answered all my crazy questions such as "what are the chances of the umbilical cord falling out?" to "will i i know if my water breaks while im in the shower?" She's been encouraging, attentive and respectful of my "birth wants" such as wanting to labor as long as possible with no pain meds or epidural, declining the hep b shot, and understanding how important it is to me to not be induced or have my water broken.

Today i'm wrapping christmas gifts using brown paper bags also known as old school lunch sacks. i have great wrapping paper and cute boxes but the thought of wrapping brings such pain to my lower back. So were brown paper baggin it this year. =) I'm also trying out some "do it yourself" gifts, so im anxious to see how it all turns family be prepared=)

well, im going to be back to "crafting" and doing laundry... happy saturday and happy 12-11-10.  =)

-soon to be hudson's mommy

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