Sunday, December 5, 2010

38 update

so i hope my blog isnt too boring lately especially since its all about being pregnant, shouldn't be too much longer and i'll have, ya know, a baby to blog about. i also realized that ive been lacking on the picture posting, mainly because my personal pictures have been set "aside" if you will in order to get all my "business" pictures edited and mailed out. I am down to finishing up one more family session and Amber Ruth photography will be put on hold to mid january/early february. 

so baby update... this past thursday i had another doctors appointment. I am 2 cm dilated (i was half a cm last week), and 50% effaced, still a little confused by this "effaced" term even though ive asked my doctor about 3 times to explain it. As I expected i reached the 20 pound gainage mark. Its really weird to think ive gained 20 pounds, it doesnt really bother me it just is weird to think about (and look at to be honest) haha. At my appointment, my doctor spoke with me about inducing and i quickly blurted out "no!" nicely of course. She then explained me to the risk factors of going past 42 weeks due. Apparently the placenta is only designed to "work" for 42 weeks and once it stops working then the baby stops growing and really bad things can take place. with that said I did end up scheduling a possible induction for December 27, however my doctor is thinking lil Hudson will be here much sooner than that.

at my appointment my doctor let me know she was able to touch hudson's head while checking my cervix. this totally caught me off gaurd and really made me nervous to think "his head is right there?!" I immediately began to get nervous about walking, coughing, sneezing or going over any speed bumps. Today i needed to make a trip to walmart to get some things, i was there for about 20 minutes and had to put my cart up and come home. i was feeling so much pressure, getting chills and of course getting extremely scared that i could go into labor at the local walmart, not the best place to bring a child into the world (even though it did make a great movie with natalie portman.) After waddling out to my car, i got in and started crying. I wasn't really in "pain" just extremely uncomfortable and so very worried. 

well, at 38 weeks we are definitely ready to go. All bags are packed including dannys, a variety of hats for hudson have been purchased-washed-thrown in diaper bag, baby classes have all been officially took (or is it taken?), feet are swelling, walking is now waddling, maternity clothes are tightening and hair has been highlighted.  I am so ready to meet hudson, but admittedly so scared of the unknown. 

i go back to the doctor tomorrow, i'm assuming everything will still be the same but if not you'll be the first to know, right after danny, parents, grandparents etc. =) 

looking forward to start blogging about my labor & delivery process!!



  1. I remember feeling exactly the same way when I was pregnant the first time. There's so much unknown. And so much wonderful unknown to think about. You're in my prayers as you're about to be a mommy. I am so excited for you, Amber!

  2. 2cm, way to go! Just keep your eyes on the Lord, he created childbirth and he created Hudson, and he will take care of you and get you through childbirth. Love you!

  3. Wow Amber! 38 weeks! We are praying for you daily. Brenley loves to pray for you and baby Hudson every night. We love you!