Friday, December 17, 2010

And let the updates start...

Well i'm hoping I just had my last pregnancy appointment this morning. I'm 40 weeks pregnant and i assure you i feel 40 weeks pregnant. This morning my doctor once again stripped and stretched me. and yes it was very painful. the plan is for me to hopefully go into labor very very soon, if not she (my doctor) has given me the option to be induce either saturday or sunday. this is something we are still debating/praying about. As much as i'm very much ready to meet hudson and to not be pregnant, i really do not want to be induce unless its absolutely necessary regarding mine or his health.

so as of right now we are just waiting and timing my contractions. my agenda so far today has been:
-membranes stripped
-45 minute walk
-spicy chicken sandwich
-mall walking/errand running
-and maybe some other pregnancy myths that may not be quiet appropriate for the blog. =)

right now my contractions are 7-12 minutes apart, so were just waiting for some consistency.

prayers are much needed! =)) cant wait to update again =)

*oh and amanda get those cookies ready =)

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  1. Some of the myths are true :) They worked with 2 of my 2 babies :)

    Thanking about you!!!