Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 days later, our goals.

i realized today that i forgot to post our 2011 goals, not that it matters if i post them publicly or not, but one day i hope to turn our blog into a book and it would be nice to go back and read. So real quick, heres our goals for this year...wait hold that thought, crying baby awakes unexpectedly from nap (im guessing its the diaper).

oh i was right about the diaper, we've started cloth diapers during the day (for the most part) and i love them but they are still pretty big on hudson and like his mom he is very picky about his clothing. therefore he gets kinda antsy when he is wearing them, so a couple of pats on the bottom always does the trick.

so anyway our goals:
1) Eat at the dinner table for all meals unless its "take out"and eating out is only allowed twice a week at the most.
2) Go on vacation this year
3) For Amber to stay under 115 pounds, Danny to stay under 185
4) For Hudson to be walking and to have about 5 words, specifically: mama, dada, uh-oh, nana & gigi
5)To breast feed for the whole year, introduce solids around may
6) to have at least 2 veggies and 2 fruits every day
7) Danny to pass all 4 of his test he has to take this year
8) Join the Village and a life group (signed up for a life group last night, starts next wednesday!)
9) Start couch time (i'll explain in another blog some time =)

Life has been very very very busy lately, especially during the day. I feel like we have some kind of doctors appointment almost every day of the week. For instance heres a lil look into this last week...

monday- i had physical therapy in the morning and then hudson saw the chiropractor in the afternoon
tuesday- hudson saw the chiropractor again that morning, we were off to southlake/colleyville to meet up with nana, aunt angie and cousins brenley & brooklyn and then danny saw the chiropractor that afternoon
wednesday- hudson & i started our mommy & me class called "in the beginning", then after that i had physical therapy, and then that night we went to church to the meeting to sign up for a life group
thursday (today)- back to the chiropractor

why the chiropractor? i took hudson to the chiro just to make sure he was "aligned" i think babies little bodies go through a lot during delivery and its smart to make sure their spines are straight. hudson's was off just a little in 3 places. Since we've gone he has started sleeping 8 to 9 hours at night, no longer colicky in the evenings and is burping like a charm.

so now, im sitting in our room on our bed with no comforter because earlier this morning when i was changing hudson and letting him "air out" he pee'd...everywhere, so the comforter is in the dryer now and our bed is covered in 4 days of laundry. At least the dishes are done, dinner is planned, hudson is napping right on schedule (besides the diaper interruption a few minutes ago), laundry is about to be folded and cabin is rented. Cabin you ask? yes cabin...we are going away this weekend! Away to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to stay in a log cabin! I'm really excited!!

well, i gotta get this laundry done, its not going to fold itself! =)

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  1. couch time! is this for you and Danny?! Tyler and I do this, and its amazing. Its such a testimony for your kids to see you prioritizing your marriage from an early age. (I am not sure if this is what you mean by couch time, but if it is, I think its a WONDERFUL goal to have for this year!)