Thursday, January 20, 2011

So, how did i do?

Wow, what a year 2010 was for us and from the looks of things 2011 is going to be even more adventurous! I just got done reading over the goals I wrote last year and I'm amazed at how I kept majority of them, even though I stopped thinking about them in March when my world turned upside down and then back up again. You see in the first week of March i took my LPC test and sadly...I failed, the last week of March I discovered I was pregnant. Crazy Crazy Crazy. I look think back on 2010 and it is somewhat of a blur... long story short: girl fails test, girl gets pregnant, girl gets really sick, girl moves into new house, girl passes test, girl gains 20 pounds, girl has baby boy, girl celebrates christmas, girl quits job, girl loses 20 pounds.

My goals last year were:
1) do laundry twice a week-
Surprisingly, now that i'm a stay at home mom,  I do laundry almost every day...sometimes even twice a day. It is so nice to always have everything cleaned. 

2)Blog more intensely-
i think i did a pretty good job of this, I mean i let you in on almost every gruesome detail of my pregnancy from vomiting & "stretching" to hemorroids & "leakage."

3)Read for a least 30 minutes everyday-
I would say I kept this goal as well...but my reading selection was pretty slim and either consisted of baby book, pregnancy or of course the bible. now days i do a lot of reading about farm animals, counting and "peek a boo"

4) Have Carrie Underwood/Jessica Simpson Hair-
I never knew being pregnant would be the best thing that has ever happened to hair. I would say yes to this goal being met. My hair is long, blonde & thick! I just hope I can keep up with it now...

5) Be halfway finished with my LPC internship-
boo on this one. lol. As you know I failed my test in March, but with the grace of God...I passed it in September being 7 months prego and needing to pee every 30 minutes. I am now applying for internships as of this week to hopefully do some counseling in the evenings or weekends...but still waiting to receive my "temporary" licenser in the mail. 

6) Stay under 115 pounds-
This is a very tricky one, but somehow someway, i managed to keep this goal lol. The day I had Hudson, on 12/18 i had gained a total of 19 pounds, Hudson weighed 7lbs, placenta 2lbs, fluid 2 lbs and within the next 2 and half weeks i dropped the rest of the weight. I give special thanks to breast feeding, genes and constipation. Why constipation you ask? BC this my friends, has encouraged me to only eat healthy and to eat nothing that would cause me to get "stopped" up. =)

7)Learn to like salad, beer & give up dairy products-
this goal was not, i repeat, was not...met. I still dont like salad. I still dont like beer and i still have to have ice cream & cheese. =/ I will say some improvement has been made...I will occasionally try a bite of danny's salad just to see if today is the day I will like salad. I discovered however, i do like cider thats a start. 

Okay so there ya goals from 2010. My next post will be our 2011 goals, yes ours...Danny & I wrote our goals together this year, it helps to have accountability. =)

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