Sunday, January 2, 2011

our birth story

Before reading: it took me approx. 4 hours to type this due to my constant getting up to check on hudson and then having to nurse him like 38 times. =) Apparently my lil 2 week-er is going through his first lil growth spurt. long story short...there is probably numerous amounts of typos and grammar mistakes,however i dont have time to re-read and/or re-type at the just go with it! =)

The Wednesday before Hudson was born, my doctor had called me at 6'oclock in the evening to check on me. She jokingly asked "are you still pregnant?"  She then asked me if I wanted to come in on Friday to do a lil more "stretching" if you will. So Friday came, and off to the OB we went. She definitely did some stretching and gave me a list of suggestions of so called theories/myths in order to go into labor. 

She talked with us about inducing by Sunday. My whole pregnancy I had been totally against being induced unless it was absolutely necessary for mine or the baby's health. My doctor knew this, therefor instead of actually scheduling something she simply said "im going to be on call at the hospital on this weekend, if you change your mind, come up to the hospital tell them your baby isn't moving, they will contact me and then we can get things started." As much as i didnt want to be pregnant anymore, I really wanted to Hudson to come on his after much thought and prayer we decided we would not be induced that weekend. I prayed specifically that hudson would come on his own before Monday. Only because my doctor would be going out of town on Monday and wouldnt be back for another Hudson had 48 hours to make his appearance if we wanted things to go as planned. After my appt. i immediately started having contractions ranging from 10-15 minutes apart. I asked danny to not go in to work, we both called in, not knowing if today would be our last day together as a family of 2. 

Saturday, December 18th, in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up to an excruciating pain in my back and stomach...i knew immediately i was having a contraction. I had been contracting off and on all week for the most part, but this time they were much stronger. I reached over to look at the time on my cell phone, grabbed a pen and wrote down 2:01 AM on the sheet of paper danny had started to keep up with my contractions. I got out of bed to go pee. Got back and bed and another one started. I wrote down 2:06.  I laid there, thinking "this is it...i'm having a baby today, i just know it." Tried rolling on my left side only because "they" say the left side is best for the baby and blood circulation. Another one happened shortly after the roll over, 2:11. I sat up in the bed, and started taking deep breaths and praying. I wrote down 2:15.  my contractions were now 4 minutes apart. I woke up danny. I told him that my contractions were 5 minutes a part, that i was going to walk around the house and that i was pretty sure we were going to be leaving for the hospital very soon. I walked around the house till almost 2:45 AM, with my contractions ranging from 3 to 5 minutes apart.

I called the "when your in labor" number, spoke with the on call doctor, let her know what had been going on the last 24 hours, specifically the last 45 minutes and finally...after 9 months of waiting...we were on our way to the hospital. Finally, "it was time!" After 9 months i finally got to look at my husband in face and say "its time...were going to have a baby today!" On our way to the hospital, I called my mom, danny called his mom. They were on their way...what troopers!

We got to the hospital around 3 in the morning. I let them know that I wanted to attempt to have an all natural delivery and try to labor for as long as I could before receiving an epidural. I knew this was the only type of pain reliever I wanted to receive, if any. While at the hospital I was planning on blogging, however I didnt want to lay down in the bed and it hurt too much to sit down due to how low Hudson in agreement danny updated my Facebook page in order to keep everyone everyone in the loop!  He did such an awesome job keeping everyone in the know whether by internet, phone or text messages.   So like i said i knew the only way i could continue to stay focus was through my breathing, walking and using danny as my crutch. I labored for about 5 hours...walking the hospital halls and literally leaning/grabbing hold of danny whenever a contraction came. 

I then had to lay down I was so exhausted...the minute I laid down as when everything seem to take a turn for the worse. My body started shaking all over, I was no longer able to focus and I had lost my breathing rhythm. By 8 AM i had an epidural. Tears were streaming down my face as I made the decision. My wonderful nurse tried several times to talk me out of it and was even crying with me. I was so thankful to have gotten a nurse that worked so hard to make my labor and delivery go just as i wanted.   I wanted to be able to deliver Hudson all natural so badly, and had basically felt like I had given up and let pain win. 

the hours between 8-1 are somewhat a blur. the lower half of my body was completely numb, I was unable to even bend my legs and had to have danny move them when I wanted. Like i expected upon receiving the epidural everything started slowing down. my contractions were slowing and i was no longer able to walk much less move in order to have gravity help us out. A new nurse had made our appearance and started mentioning things like pitocin and breaking my water, both of which I declined, until she came in and put some in my IV without telling me what she was doing until she was actually doing it. This frustrated me. I continued to trust in the Lord and that he was in control of the situation and would bring strength and wisdom to danny & i when making decisions on what to do. I constantly was thinking him for protection of both mine & Hudson's health. 

Around 1 pm, my doctor arrived to check my cervix. While checking me, my water broke! Though this was very exciting, immediately after this happened my epidural stopped working and the pain of contractions were now back stronger and closer together, and when I say closer together i mean contractions with no breaks in between. it was awesome (this is sarcasm). After about 45 minutes of this and believe me it was a long 45 minutes, another dose of whatever is in an epidural was given to me. After this happened, my body was still shaking uncontrollably and now I had started throwing up. again... awesome. The throwing up & shaking continued off and on up until actual delivery.  

Around 4 pm, I called for the nurse to come check me. I had felt  a lot of pressure and even the need to push. She came in, looking a little uncertain as if I didnt know what i was talking about...but checked me anyway. Surprisingly she blurted out, "oh...yup its time and he has blonde hair!"  So many emotions started running through me. she let all our guest come in for a final goodbye. I was so anxious at this time. After the final person left, her & danny put my legs up and on my next contraction I pushed 3 times.  After that, she rotated my body to the left and then to the right and then called in another nurse. At this point, i told asked danny to update my facebook page! Once the 2 other nurses came in, I pushed 3 more times. After pushing 6 times, she told me to stop for a few minutes and that my doctor was coming. She was right, a couple of minutes went by and in walked Dr. McIntire. I was so happy to see her! 

I pushed about 6 more times, had an episiotomy, and then remembered something Danny's mom had told us. She had earlier told us about commanding for Hudson to come out, that the Bible tells us that we as parents have power over our children. So, before my next contraction, I just said outloud "okay Hudson, its time to come out, were ready to meet you!" I pushed 2 more times and out came Hudson Brownlee Ruth. I was overwhelmed with joy. Tears were flowing between both danny & i. Our little miracle was finally here. 

On December 18th 2010 @ 4:30 pm a perfect son was born, and a proud mom & dad were born. Our lives are forever changed for the best. I never knew I could love 2 people as much as i do now. i have such a wonderful life and wouldnt change one thing about it. God is so good and I am forever blessed. 


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