Monday, February 7, 2011

happy campers

is there really such thing as a "happy camper?" i mean really? Are we really extremely happy to be in the middle of nowhere, with no cable, no internet, no shower, sleeping on the ground, getting friendly with bugs and no kind of shopping what-so-ever? Overall...camping really isnt all that grand...unless...

unless... camp in style. Which is exactly what we did to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Despite the "artic blast" happening here in texas  we loaded up the dog crate and the pack n play and headed to broken bow, oklahoma and stayed in the "texas two step" luxury cabin. We were there for 3 days and it was a mini vacation that was definitely over due for us. Our 2 story, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, full kitchen, hot tub, with internet & cable was the perfect "camping" experience anyone could have. The cabins were gorgeous, the weather was nice (until the third day), and my two three (the murph) boys were all so wonderful! I was worried Hudson wouldn't sleep well in the pack n play but after the first day he was use to it and as usually slept a straight 8 hours each night.

Danny was...well amazing as always. He cooked dinner both nights for us... candle light and all. I was very nervous to wear a bathing suit in front him... since having a baby an all... but i did, 2 piece an all. I had bought this swimsuit when i was pregnant as my inspiration to be able to "fit" in it by summer and luckily it did just fine by february! It was fun & romantic to be in a hot tub with my hubby, flirting talking over a glass of wine and cheesecake!

Besides hot tubing, we spent our time watching movies, playing board games, enjoying the scenery, looking at the other cabins, shopping (yes shopping), grilling and simply relaxing. One of my favorite moments was sitting outside on our porch rocking sweet lil handsome hudson.... And beating danny in scrabble. =)

Heres some pictures from our time away!

Below: Our Cabin

Below: Some of the other cabins... so pretty!

Now...wouldnt you be a happy camper?? =)

oh ps. funny story for my sister n law shelly... the shirt hudson is wearing with his overalls is a shirt we bought when Canon was first born, but then we forgot to bring it when we came for Thanksgiving that year. So we kept it for whoever had a boy next. Then we wanted to give it to Champ... and forgot to give it to you again! Luckily we got pregnant with a boy =) But every time he wears it i always think of your sweet boys and the gift they never got =( hehe!

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