Friday, February 18, 2011

wendys and then some

this post is going to sound as if im in a bad mood today or ungrateful or a little high maintenance perhaps. i am non of those to be exact, even though my husband may disagree about the high maintenance part which i assure is not true he just has no one to compare that assumption too. Anyway, today Hudson is 2 months old and had his two month well check as well. 2 month photos and update will be blogged later. For now, i have to tell you about lunch today. But before i get into that i must remind you all (all 6 of my blog readers) that my blog is intend to not only keep family & friends up-to-date on whats going on in our lives but it also allows me to do some venting from time to time. I'm pretty sure danny appreciates this...

okay so after hudson's appointment we did a little shopping at old navy and snagged some great buys. Everyone in the family got two items all for about 30 bucks! I thought Hudson was going to lose it in the check out line as he's not a fan of not "moving", same at red lights. He's as quiet as a classroom with the principal sitting in when we're driving but the second we stop at a red light the boy will cause all kinds of commotion. Which leads me to the wendy's drive thru. After old navy, i realized it had been 5 hours since i last ate, which is not like me at all. Since giving birth and breast feeding i have to and i mean literally have to eat every 2 hours. so like i said, 5 hours had past and i was starving, hudson was hungry as well so i knew i needed to do something fast!

Spotted Wendys and thought "mmm spicy chicken sandwich" pulled in and counted 9 cars. ugh. Then i thought well it is fast it should go by quick. This was no chick fila, 2 very long minutes passed with my stomach growling, my phone ringing and hudson screaming in the car seat because once again we weren't moving and his mind had wandered to the side of his brain reminding him it was feeding time. (Which side is that again?) so i decided try a different wendys, the one closer to our house.

So off we went to a different wendys and thankfully there were no cars in line, but printed out signs all over their windows and outside menu that read "due to the recent freeze we have a shortage of tomatoes, please request one if you would want one."  Apparently this was a big deal to most people considering it was 12:30 prime lunch time and there wasnt a car in line. Luckily no biggie to me, i dont eat tomatoes. or lettuce, or mayo oh and now i dont eat cheese . as long as they have chicken & good to go. So here I am looking at the menu trying to figure out which "number" is the spicy chicken sandwhich meal and it wasn't there, no where on that menu were the meals 6-10. only 1-5  and 11 &12 were showing, it was really quiet confusing. So i said, " i would like the spicy chicken sandwich meal, plain & dry, with the oranges instead of fries and a diet coke please." And after I said all of that the lady who was once speaking in a spanish accent was now a young man who said "you want the number 6." Yes, apparently thats what i want sir. I drive up to the window and apologized to the lady (not sure where the clearly speaking english guy went) and nicely said " I think your menu is missing the meals 6-10  so thats why i didnt tell you what number." she said back in her spanish accent  "people know number ." Oh and we wonder why America is so over weight...clearly were suppose to already have our value menu numbers memorized.  i just laughed, handed over my debit car and pulled up to the next window where the young girl had my bag  #6 dangling out the window. This is no Mcdonalds i thought, i dont want my food dangling out into the open polluted air, she hasnt even asked me if I want any condiments. Your suppose to keep the bag to put the requested condiments in the bag.   So with her head nearly inside my suv with my food, I said, in clear english i might add, "Can i get a couple of barbeque sauces with that?" She hands me one.  irr. Yes, i had to do it. Even though I would be perfectly fine with just one bbq sauce, it was the fact that i specifically said  the words "couple and sauces (plural)." And the last time i checked couple ment 2 and adding an "S" ment more than one. So i said, "may i please have another one." I mean really dave thomas, my sandwich is plain & dry and you guys were short on tomatoes the least you could do is give me 2 packages of bbq sauce.  

 And finally as I was about to drive away, the drive thru lady says, "have a nice day, see you tomorrow." Tomorrow? is she serious? Do you want me to have a heart attack? For the love of cheese cake lady, i will not be back tomorrow. I dont want to die from eating the brown bag special every day, i do care about my health. And now I just waisted 30 minutes of my time blogging about you and  my child is screaming bc i'm assuming his tummy is hurting which is probably from the spicy chicken sandwich and/or the diet coke.( i promise theres no other explanation, i know this bc im his mother. ;)

With all that said, i still love wendys and their spicy chicken sandwich, but Maria i will not be back tomorrow, maybe in two weeks, at the least ,when ive completey forgotten about the bbq sauce mishap and your menu is fixed, but surely i'll remember the # 6.

side note: im really not in a bad mood I promise, in fact im in a great mood! Its friday which means: date night, pay day, hudsons 2 month birthday and and hmm what else...umm oh yeah...Netflix now has the Cosby show to watch!! =) Life really doesnt get much better than the Cosby show.

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