Sunday, March 20, 2011

fun filled friday

Friday morning, Hudson slept till 8:30. He also turned 3 months old on Friday. I know crazy that my 3 month old is sleeping 12 plus hours at night. He did have a little cough the past couple of days but i'm starting to believe its more allergies than anything else. Ive been giving him the same herbal supplements i gave him last month when he got a small cold for a couple of days. And once again it seems to be working...thank you dr. bain! =)
That morning my sister came over with a list of wedding venues to go scope out over in this area. I was all prepared for a full day of being out with hud the stud. Nursing cover, baby k'tan carrier, 2 paci's, frankie the puppy, change of clothes, 2 diapers, sunglasses in case its too sunny, blanket in case it gets cold (hey its texas... you never know what the day has in store), rattle, elephant ears for the car seat, bib, burp cloths, changing pad and camera =) Its really amazing everything you have to bring for all the "what ifs". Anyway, so all day friday we made our way around Frisco, then to Mckinney, then back to Plano, crossing places off the list and discussing the pros & cons of each site. My sister found it pretty stressful, but I had a lot of fun! Im glad she asked me to go with her! We stopped in downtown Mckinney to each lunch at my favorite lunch place...The Pantry! They have the most unbelievable pie! We couldnt decide between the chocolate pie or the strawberry pie, so we did what any normal person would both! Best decision I made since saying "i do!" =) Overall I say our day was pretty succesful and the only thing Hudson ended up really needing: the baby carrier, a diaper, and the nursing cover ;)

Hudson & Mandy @ the pantry...both just got done eating a very awesome meal =)
Friday night, as usual, was date night, but this was no ordinary date night. This was our first date post baby without baby. I really did feel like I was going on a first date. I was nervous. I couldnt find anything to wear.  I was making a list in my head what to talk about over dinner. I was thinking about what to order before ever even seeing the menu. And most importantly I was wondering if I would get a "first kiss" at the end of the night.

My friend Amanda, came over to watch Hudson while we were gone, and I was definitely "that mom." Amanda is the oldest of 3 other siblings, loves babies and adores Hudson...she's a natural to say the least. I had nothing to worry about, but for some reason I still felt the need to mention every little detail when it came to feeding hudson, changing him, putting his pjs on and putting him to bed. And bless her soul for giving us this time out together. We had such a great time. The whole night was so special for danny & I. Its nights like these that adds a little spark into our marriage and reminds me why this is the man I chose to spend my life with.

ready to go out!!

Stay tuned for Hudson's 3 month post! he's getting so big!

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