Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 months

well here i am finally posting hudson's 3 month update, sorry were exactly 9 days and 6 hours late. For the most part i am loving this 3 month stage! He's smiling more, playing great, loving mommy =), super cuddly, yet also wiggly ;), and eating quickly and efficiently!

At 3 months hudson is:
Sleeping awesomely awesome! His last feeding is at 7:00 PM and is usually asleep between 7:30-8:00 PM. We dont hear from him again till 7 (some days 8!) the next morning! The day he turned 3 months he  slept his first 12 hours. I was amazed and 9 days later...still going strong. When people ask me how he's sleeping after I tell them I almost always think 2 things a) they think I'm lying b) they think I'm bragging  So now i just say "we've been blessed with such a great sleeper" instead of giving exact details about my nazi sleep training method. Hudson has also slept in his crib since the day we brought him home, this was something that has also been an awkward topic to bring up with other moms. I guess most parents dont do this... when i never even really considered him sleeping anywhere else. Isnt that why we bought a crib, a mobile, a sound machine, a baby monitor? lol

There are pros and cons in sleep training, which almost any mom who "sleep trains" will say, such as for us Hudsons napping for the past week has pretty much been non existent. He naps 3 times a day for 45 minutes on the dot. Which is still "routinely, predictable and expected" but not ideal.  He's not cranky or fussy but it has made it more difficult to get things done around the house. I'm starting to think it may be a feeding issue...

which leads me to how hudson is eating! Hudson is still a great nurser! I usually can feed him in 15 minutes and be on my way! =) However I'm only nursing 4 to 5 times a day which may mean my supply is decreasing since the demand is this week I may start pumping more than just one time a night in order to keep up with my growing boy. 

And by growing I mean like a weed! Hudson is now wearing mostly 6 month old clothes...some 3-6 still, for pants its definitely the 6 monthers since he wears cloth diapers which gives him a lot of junk in the trunk (maybe i should start wearing cloth diapers?). 

Cloth diapering is going great still and now im considering using cloth wipes. Hudson has about 5 wet diapers a day and one dirty diaper every other day. He was struggling with constipation for awhile so I have eliminated all diary from my diet (cheese is the hardest) and started putting flax seed oil along with a probiotic powder whenever he has breast milk bottle.  Seems to be working! =)

Hudson still loves his activity mat and will play under it for sometimes up to 30 minutes. Reaching, grabbing, swatting, smiling and making all of the vowel sounds! I love his little voice already, still waiting for the laughing to start. I think we've heard a few times but nothing consistent yet! He likes shaking his rattles, playing peek a boo, being pulled up to a sitting position all the way to standing and eating his hands. 

At 3 months, Hudson is rolling from his tummy to his back almost every time he is on his tummy. He is starting to actually enjoy tummy time for about 10 minutes at a time now, even though he rolls over after about 60 seconds.  He is also holding his head up a lot better but we still have our little bobble head. Whenever music comes on danny and i will go "do the hudson" and we start bobbing our head up and down. 

And finally, at 3 months hudson loves his mommy. he hardly ever takes his eyes off me, unless the tv captures his attention (i swear some days i just want to get rid of the tv- another day, nother blog). He almost always smiles for me when I talk to him or even just look at him. sometimes when im holding him and looking away when i turn back to look at him he already has this huge smile on his face (kinda creepy but really cute & sweet).  like any mom would say..."hes just so handsome!" I know all moms think they have the cutest kid...but im gonna have to say we made one good looking kid, however i am a little bias. ;) He also loves his daddy, every day he gives danny a big smile when he walks in from work. He also likes to do tummy time with daddy and listen to him play the guitar. 

Heres some pics of Hudson at 3 months:

i promise he just started crying the moment i focused and clicked =)

oh yeah and drooling is another thing were getting really good at =)

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