Monday, April 4, 2011

15 minutes

some days i wish there was a photographer in our house (besides myself). there are moments every day that only my mind is able to capture and I know there will come a day when that will eventually fail me. I've been trying to blog as much as i can in order to keep up with all of our happenings, yet knowing words can only go so far. Some things are truly indescribable and not even the sweetest words could give some moments the right amount of justice.

Today was overall a good day, there was a specific 15 minutes that i'm pretty sure I could cherish forever. Danny has walked in from work 30 minutes late, which whenever he's late, it always kinda of throws my "evening" schedule off of when dinner needs to be started & ready which needs to some how align with when I need to nurse Hudson and start his bed time routine. So after danny walked in late, he then was on the phone for almost another hour. Making it 30 minutes before hudson would need to be in bed. As you can imagine I was getting a little antsy. As most stay at home moms probably think...when daddy gets home its "ahh i little break." But mainly because tonight was going to be danny's last night to spend any time with myself and with Hudson until Sunday or even Monday night. Starting Wednesday, i will be at a womens conference until Saturday and danny will be at fishing tournament until Sunday. So knowing there wouldnt be much daddy time for the next week I was really hoping for a little more family time than what I got but in exchange I got something better.

Since danny was on the phone, he kept walking to a different area in the house away from wherever Hudson & I were so I decided to just go to our room and play with Hudson on our bed. And we ended up having the best time! He was laughing up a storm to the point that even I was laughing. I never imagined i would literally laugh out loud with a 3 month old. I mean I was cracking up almost to the point of slapping my knee. I would hold him above me as if he was flying and go "im gonna get you" it was like an every day stand up comedian. And who knew that "im gonna get you" would be the greatest punch line ever written?! This went on for a good 15 minutes which is a long time in baby world. I would of given anything to have video taped this moment or even had a snap shot of it. You the know saying "to know is to love," well though this may be true for some things...when it comes to a baby i totally disagree. I have no idea how hudson will turn out, who he will be, what he will do...but i love him, i love him with every ounce in me. And today...for 15 minutes is 15 minutes i never want to forget.

Below: our newest play "station"...the laundry basket.

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