Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 months

so here we are 4 months into our son's life and still we are ever so amazed at how much joy he brings to our lives on a daily basis. his sweet spirit is constantly growing danny & i closer and more smiles to our faces every day. i am so in love. we are so in love. ahhh our house, our home, our lives...are just filled with love and I have to give all the glory to our wonderful God. How blessed are we, how lucky am i to serve a God who offers so much mercy and gives more than enough grace to be Hudson's mom and Dannys wife. =)

At four months Hudson weighs 14lbs 6.5 oz, 24.75 in long and 16. 25 in Head Circumference. He does have some reflux going on and has been diagnosed with Eczema at his 4 month well child check. Our pediatrician is taking Hudson's Eczema very serious and put together a plan with in hopes to get rid of it quickly. She explained to me that most likely Eczema is not an "outside" problem but more of a whats on this inside of his body and since he is strictly being breast fed its something most likely in my diet that he is allergic to. Which could also be have an affect on his reflux as well. So we looked at my eating habits and what supplements I am taking. For now we are starting an "elimination diet" in order to figure what exactly it is he is allergic to. An elimination diet is basically to only eat foods that kids aren't typically allergic to. So for no diary, no berries, and no nut products especially peanuts. Since this would be really hard I'm starting with absolutely no diary for 3 weeks, then moving to the berries, then the nuts. I am also needing to add more "good" fat to my diet so I have started taking some Omega 3 along with a Probiotic. As well as continue giving Hudson Vitamin D, his probiotic &  flax seed whenever he gets a breast milk bottle .And with all that  a lot of prayer for healing as well =)

(Motor) At 4 months Hudson loves loves loves standing, with our help of course. Whenever he is laying on his back, if i say "you wanna come up?" he immediately starts lifting his head and legs to try to sit up. So yes, I think my child is a genius. He understands the word Up! =) hehe He is still rolling from his tummy to his back but not so much anymore since he is getting very good at pushing up on his arms, he doesnt find the need to roll over as much. He also has rolled from his back to his tummy twice and loves rolling from side to side! He is getting better with with holding things, transferring objects and bringing his hands together. Dr. Bain, ped, calls this  "the praying hands" so sweet.

(Social) What a talker we seem to have, this whole week he has started talking up a storm. Lots of noises he makes, its almost like he is having an actually conversation with us. Him and danny seem to have great convos, must be a guy thing. He makes amazing eye contact, stares constantly at me all day and makes sure Im never out of his sight. He smiles at almost anyone who gives him attention and his most favorite thing to laugh at is when its time to get dress. He thinks its so funny when I take his shirt off or on.

(Independence) I have to say that the 3 month marker was a rough time in our house as far as sleep, well really just naps. However, things have no taken a turn for the better. Hudson this past week has taken 2 long naps and still sleeping his normal 11-12 hours at night. He takes one long morning nap that is about 2 hours and then one afternoon nap usually a little over an hour. I am still so very impressed with his sleep, every time i lay him down (awake) in his crib I always think "the second i sit down he's going to be crying" but some how that hardly never happens. He is getting pretty good at just going to sleep and actually looks forward to going to bed.

Heres a video of Hudson "talking" and one of him rolling over!  Followed by some of his 4 month old pictures!

Hudson, happy 4 months!! we love you sweet baby!

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