Thursday, April 21, 2011

a ten hour surprise

This past thursday we loaded up 2 cars filled with suit cases, food & babies and headed to Eureka, Missouri to surprise my beautiful, sweet sister n law Shelly for her 30th birthday! We had such a wonderful time and and to my surprise Hudson did amazing! He even picked up on an amazing sleeping schedule! I was so impressed with all the activities we were able to come up with to do considering we had nothing planned except to "show up" =) We went to a petting zoo/dog show, ate some mouth watering bbq one day and some sizzlin fajitas another, played a competetive game of "nerds", visited the Cotton Babies store (place all my cloth diapers are from) and did a lil shopping a Trader Joes! All and All it was such a great trip and well worth the 20 hours in the car, in fact Hudson and I got a lot (to say the least) of bonding time =)

Heres some pictures from our time there:

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