Friday, April 1, 2011

his hair

everywhere we go someone always stops us and says something along the lines of "oh my goodness look at his hair" and I always go '"I know its a little out of control!" Sometimes we hear people going "did you see that babys hair?" or "I think that baby had a mohawk." I'm still not sure if people are complimenting or just commenting. Either way, his hair is always a conversation starter...almost as much as the weather.

Hudson's hair is not a mohawk but i do style it that way for the most part just bc he has a cowlick and if I didnt spike the rest of his hair he would be close to looking like Alfalfa. Ive tried wetting his hair down but it just comes right back up. He has also lost a lot of his hair due to the natural of newborn hair falling out and because of his cradle cap he has. Which by the way is getting a lot better, you can hardly see it now. The other day danny took some pictures of me doing Hudson's hair...I love that its actually a fun activity for us to do during wake time!

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