Thursday, March 31, 2011

"no more hudson nappin in the swing" "no more monkeys jumpin on the bed (clever huh?)

today when Hudson awakes at his nap time if it hasn't been at least an hour and 15min then he will have to go thru the torture of crying it out. I know this works, its partly how we got him to sleep thru the night, i just never really stuck with it for naps. I kept telling myself "well he is sleeping 12 hours at night, so whats the big deal?!" but it is a big deal. Babies need naps...or they become cranky and start sleeping 13 hours at night. Yes Hudson woke up this morning at 8!! 13 hours!  I was just laying in bed waiting for him to get up, he did the same thing yesterday causing us to not be able to make it to our mommy & me class. 

so these next couple of days should be interesting, but ive prepared myself and my husband. were ready to nap train our child. =) His nap routine is pretty much the same as his night time routine but without the changing into our pjs. Once he has been awake for over an hour I start watching for "sleepy" signs. A yawn, irritability etc. I then pick him up saying "its time for a nap" and then off we go to his room. I read him a book, while rocking him and usually he gets mad about the book so I close the book, get his paci, rock for another 5 minutes and then lay him down with Frankie (his puppy). He will usually play with Frankie for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. At 45 minutes he is up cooing/talking and eventually crying if i dont go get him. Every now & then I will put him in his swing and then he will go back to sleep for another 45 minutes. Today we are breaking the swing habit. Swings are for desperate times and a safe place for mommy to put baby when she has to do something and he doesnt want to be on the floor.

so no more of this:

wish us luck!! =)

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  1. You're such a great mommy! I know this is so hard, but you are doing an awesome job! Hudson is one blessed little man! Love you!