Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mothers Day

I'm a Mom.

I sing "wheels on the bus" at red lights.
I pray with my head bowed and eyes opened.
I can text, breast feed and make shrimp alfredo all at the same time.
The words "blow out" have nothing to do with an automobile.
Every action I do from brushing my hair to folding daddys undies is usually announced in a song.
I pray for poop.
Spit up is a daily accessory i wear.
I can do almost anything with one arm.
My boobs tell me when the baby is hungry.
I work 7 to 7.
Going to the grocery store has to be strategically planned out around naps & feeding times.
Orange watery poop is absolutely normal.
Loves is seen through giggles when changing a dirty diaper.
Sinks are used for bubbles baths and rubber duckies.
I take the elevator not the escalator.
Instead of telling jokes for laughs, i say "a goo goo goo ga"
My clothing attire depends on its breast feeding capabilities.
Kodak & Disney commercials make me cry.
I'm no longer bothered by 2 year old tantrums of other children in the middle of target.
Dressing Rooms are great nursing rooms.
A stroll outside is the greatest pacifier.
I've had one date night in almost 5 months, and i'm completely okay with that (sort of lol)
I'm convinced my husband thinks the hospital sent me home with a "hudson 101" book.
Burping is not something that is rude but is something that is crucial for good sleep.
I look forward to mud pies, tree houses and tonka trucks.
Onesies are way cuter than a pair of jessica simpson heels could ever be.

I'm a mom, everyday, every minute for the rest of my life...and its the greatest title i have ever been given.

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  1. I want to copy and paste this. Its perfect. You are such a great mother. Hope your Mother's day was extra special.