Friday, May 6, 2011

roll over, roll over, let hudson roll over

So for the past couple of weeks we have been working on rolling over from our back to our tummy. And when I say "we" i really just mean Hudson..I'm only here for praise & memory catching. ;) As of a couple of days ago Hudson has mastered rolling over and as a parent I couldnt be prouder. It does make me more nervous about leaving him playing in the middle of the room while I cook, switch the laundry, go get the mail etc but it is exciting to watch him reach another milestone!

Tuesday evening is when Hudson really started rolling...continously. I would lay him on his back and he would immediately start working to get to his tummy. Danny & I were giving him so much attention and he was loving it! Well, that night around 2 in the morning we heard Hudson sort of crying, which is very very odd, in his whole 4 months of living the kid hardley wakes once he's asleep at night. So danny went in and was back in a matter of 15 seconds. Danny told me he had rolled over and was up on his arms looking around. So he just flipped him back to his back, gave him is paci and he immediately went back to sleep. This scenario happened 6 times that night. Hudson would awake, get stuck after rolling to his tummy, we would flip him back over, give him his paci and back to sleep he would go.

It was really kinda of funny to witness. A lot of my "baby" books say that babies will want to try out their new skills in the middle of the night so it was pretty interesting to actually see this happening. It was only that one night that  his new skill caused some sleeping disturbances so I'm grateful for that! And we now officially have a rolly polly in the Ruth home!

Here are 3 different videos of Hudson rolling over and yes one of them he is on our guest bed but i promise he does not normally "play" on the was for  video purposes only =)

oh and I am aware one of these videos I'm asking Hudson to tell me his name lol as if he can respond. Sometimes I really just pull stuff out of the air to say to him. =/  Anything to get a smile, a laugh or in this case...a roll. 

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