Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my new job

Meet precious little 6 week old Micah!

I have been blessed to be his baby sitter and still get to be at home with my little man as well! I think I have found the perfect job! Whats also great is me & Micah's mom have a lot of the same philosophies when it comes to being a mom such as cloth diapering, baby wising, home remedies, waking a sleeping baby ;) etc.! This makes keep Micah so much easier! And i love the idea of Hudson having a little play mate. The boys are about 4 months apart and I think in a couple of more weeks Micah will start to notice hudson, because I can assure you hudson has already noticed him. ;) Hudson doesnt take his eyes off of me wehnever I'm holding Micah, its really sweet! He doesnt cry about it, but every now and then his little bottom lip will start to pucker and he will need a little verbal assurance =)

Micah's first week went really well too! And if you know me, if your around me long enough your gonna get your picture taken so...every now & then i use "wake time" as photo shoot time! So here is a few pictures from Micahs first photoshoot! Isnt he the sweetest? So tiny! So wrinkly!

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