Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 months

It's official, I am loving the 5 month old stage! Hudson is always happy, always content and always right on schedule when it comes to eating & sleeping! Heres whats going on with Hudson these days:

Motor: Still rolling everywhere, but is desperately wanting to crawl especially when he see's my water bottle. Right now he will get up on all fours but then just push backwards with his arms causing him to go the wrong way lol. Its really pretty cute. He has started sitting for longer periods of time and is now pretty much only wanting to sit up. He is no longer interested in his play mat but would rather be sitting up looking at one of his cloth books or chewing on something.

Social: Still doing a lot of vowel sound making and every now and then we will hear the "da" and "ba" sound. I'm still pushing for the "ma" =) sound but...nothing yet! He still has eyes for only his mommy and smiles at me even when im not looking at him. He "talks" to his daddy a lot more than he will with me, but I definitely get more smiles and laughs. Who knew I could be so funny? I love watching Hudson "play" with Micah, the new baby I am keeping at home, when Micah cries hudson will pat him or try to pull on him. Micah likes to have his back patted when he is on his tummy so I do that a lot to calm him down. Hudson has started showing a little bit of stranger anxiety but hopefully it wont last too long (i can only hope, i know).

Independence: Hudson is sleeping 12 hours at night still and 4 hours during the day spread out between 3 naps. His morning nap is usually the longest at 2 hours and the other two are usually a little over an hour. When he wakes up from sleeping he is never crying, but always playing and "talking" in his crib. Sometimes when we walk in there to get him it startles him and he will start to wimper but then it is all smiles once he realizes its me or danny. Hudson is still an amazing eater and such a great nurser! He nurses 5 times a day for about 6 minutes on each side! My milk supply fluctuates from time to time and  my body doesn't respond to the pump very well. I only get about an ounce a day pumping twice a day. But Hudson seems very content so we are in no rush for solids. Plus I'm not looking forward to those dirty diapers =)

So I think thats pretty much it! He is simply a joy to be around and is such a great snuggler! =)

I didnt get around to actually taking hudson's 5 month pics but heres just a lot of pictures from this month! =)

this is he newest favorite pose...superman

the hair is getting out of control, is it too early for his first cut??


our one & only paci 

kinda blurry but such great sitting! 
hudson & micah the start of a beautiful friendship!

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