Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 of 30

I wasn't too sure about this outfit but I figured since I had it on I might as well just use it and go with it. I mean I get 30 chances to get it right...right?

So i must tell you all about the two new links I have added! First off if you look over on my sidebar I have added a "cooking with the ruths" blog! Every night I cook I plan on blogging whatever we had for dinner that night. I'm doing this for a couple reasons, one to give anyone who looks at my blog an idea on what they should have for dinner that night and two...which this is the main reason is so i can remember what I'm cooking for whenever I want to cook it again. I do this so often...I cook something and it turns out great and then a few week later I want to make it again and cant remember how i made it! So if your interested in reading about how we eat over here you can go to!!

ALSO...big news for my little photog biz, I created an actual website! its not completely done but I am a little proud of it! You can check it out by clicking here: Amber Ruth Photography

Okay thats all for now! Time to take todays outfit picture, then were off on a family date tonight! woohoo!

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