Wednesday, June 29, 2011

an hour at the mall

went to the mall the other day with hudson mainly to just walk around. It's nearly impossible to take a walk outside since its so hot so the mall, target or the grocery store is always a great alternative. Hudson rode sitting up in stroller without the car seat for the first time and did great.  I went into Forever 21 to look around, yes i said look, not shop. I'm still on my 30 for 30 challenge and of the rules is to not shop during those 30 days. So into forever 21 i went, knowing temptation would be hanging on every rack.  While I was shopping looking i noticed (this may be a little inappropriate) that the mannequins were up...whats the word...nipping?! I dont see how this is possible, since you know, its a mannequin an all. but anway, i really did think it was a bit strange to say the least. Anyway, somehow between the mannequin wondering and summer sweater browsing I some how ended up in the dressing room. I love how since I have a baby they always give me the really big dressing room, its really a great excuse to always bring hudson. I mean who doesnt love the handicap dressing rooms?! They're so spacious! Hudson was so cute I would try on something and then look at him and say "whattya think?" and would just start laughing. So either he thought i as bashfully cute or looked pretty ridiculous. Either way, we only walked up to the counter with some $2 nail polish. while I was in line to pay, the check out girl looks over at my stroller and says "are you pushing him?" and I said "yup." and she said "are you a nanny?" haha..i go "umm no he's mine, he's my son."and apparently she was shocked, "really?!" she asked. And i laughed and  said "yah i'm married & almost 27...old enough to have a baby." Weird. That conversation caused for some chick fila, so off the food court we went. Which meant getting on the elevator, and poor sweet little scared of elevators. The second it starts to move his hands go stiff, his bottom lip starts to quiver and his eyes get so big. And then when we hit the part where the elevator kinda gets your stomach..he cries. It's so sad. breaks my heart every time. And that my friends was a our trip to the mall.

Here is outfit 11 of 30.

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  1. I love chick-fil-a. Reminds me of my childhood in Texas. Sadly, we do not have any in Oregon, would have to drive about 200 miles north into Washington state to get it. Someday, when we're older, I think it'll be a blessing to have youthful good looks, but it can lead to some awkward sit-i-ations in the meantime. I find it can be a problem when doing business. Well, I could go on and on about this. Way to go on not buying anything from F21. I can't walk out of there with nothing.