Friday, June 24, 2011

7,8,9 & 10 of 30

Little behind on my outfit posting, but thankfully we no longer have friday date night anymore due to never having a baby sitter lol so here I am...2 blogs in one day! =)Maybe if we lived a little closer to our church someone would be willing but we dont. oh well. So here are some of my outfits i've worn the last few days. 2 days did not get photographed due to fathers day and me just totally forgetting to get danny to take my pic. speaking of, i really do apologize for the lack of quality these pictures are. I'm pretty picky when it come to pictures but my sweet husband is not, so I only get about 3 clicks to get it right and then he's over it. hehe. but ya cant blame him, i'm just thankful he's participating =) okay...without further ado (did i even spell that right?)

its simply amazes me what a tucked in shirt, a belt and a head band can do for your entire look...not to mention some bronzer and a shower. ;)


  1. We will be happy to drive out and sit with our grand~angel~. It would need to be on one of my Fridays off. We need to plan in advance.
    Loved seeing you yesterday. I wish I could have had more time to play with Hudson.

  2. I love outfit number 7! The floral skirt is really cute and the pink scarf is a great color for you:)

    PS: You really rock the headbands!