Wednesday, June 8, 2011

just a little off the top

So you've all seen the craziness of Hudson's hair...

To say the least its out of control most days, in fact in order to "maintain" it I use danny's hair stuff called "the stick" by Bed Head, its kinda has a wax like feel to it and for the most part will hold hudson's hair in place. 

So the other day, my mom, who also happens to be a hairdresser, gave Hudson his first hair cut! He did so good during it and was pretty much still the entire time. I was so proud of him! Heres the whole process caught on camera!!

hudson with his gigi before the big cut!

not quiet sure whats going on...

getting his cape on!

gotta spray it before we cut it!

are you sure you want it cut it mom??

one last smile before the big cut!
snip, snip

little off the top, 

little off the sides

and all done!! doesnt he look handsome!!??

I think he likes it??!! 

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  1. Amber...these pictures are priceless! He seems like such a sweet little guy!!! At least that's what his Aunt Brynn says about him!! :)