Sunday, June 5, 2011

In but definitely out

So if you haven't heard by now, the Famous In-N-Our Burger opened up in Frisco & Allen this past month. Supposedly its a big deal in LA, so for it to be opening 5 minutes from out house, we had to see what all the ruckus was about.  We had driven by several times in hopes of trying it out but there were always literally hundreds of cars in line. I have friends that waited up to two hours. So we figured we would wait a few weeks. Well a few weeks went by and still extremely crowded. So this week we decided we would get there pretty much right when it opens on Sunday since we go to the early service at church we could be there by opens at 10:30. 

Our idea and planning definitely worked out. We got there a couple of minutes before a 11 and there were only about 30 cars in front of us. We were pretty excited that we were actually going to be able to eat an In-N-Out burger! 

So after 17 minutes of waiting we finally got our food! You have to admit 17 minutes with 32 cars in front of you...thats pretty quick service. Of course we couldnt wait till we got home to at least try a fry. I also got a strawberry shake and a single meat cheeseburger. Danny got the "double-double" go big or go home i guess. =)

Once we got home we tore into the bag in hopes of sinking our teeth into the best burger we've ever tasted.  However, our overall impression was simply "its just another burger but with thousand island dressing." Apparently this is what makes In N Out different, they put thousand island dressing on their burgers. I wouldnt know this, because mine was plain and dry =) But the burger was good, but not like spectacular. It's just as good but not any better than  Mooyah, 5 guys burger & Fries, twisted root, JC's, fuddruckers, etc.  The one thing that was extremely disappointing were the fries, I only had about 5 and then gave them to danny which is probably a good thing considering how I ate the rest of the weekend. The fries were not good at all, in my opinion, they almost tasted like a thicker string can fries (you know what i'm talking about??). 

I feel kinda like debbie downer over here, but all these LA peeps have been talking so highly about In N Out and all I know is this Texas girl was not really feeling the greatness. I'll take a Danny Ruth burger on the grill any day over In N Out  (oh and Wendy's new sea salt fries aren't too bad either ;). 

If your wondering what danny thought, his comment is this: "It was good, but it's not the best burger i've ever had." 


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