Wednesday, June 22, 2011

run on sentences.

Tonight I had dinner with a few girls I use to work with, it was fun getting out of the house and being baby free for a couple of hours. I had a margarita and it was delicious. I came home to danny working out like a mad man with shorts rolled up rather short. I didnt ask. Well, actually i did ask and he just looked at me. Nothing new there. Its funny how i married a man who can say so much without saying nothing at all. He's the best nonverbal communicator I've ever met and I'm getting very good at learning his language. I talked to my dad today, he's not a man of many words either. I haven't seen him in awhile so Hudson & I are planning on going over there this Saturday so that should be fun. Danny has to work this saturday adn its his birthday. What a rip huh?! He hasn't complained about it one time. Just another thing I love about him, never complains and just rolls with the punches. "roll with the punches" what does that even mean? I'm thinking about ordering hudson this "sophie the giraffe" i keep hearing about. Its a chew toy that apparently all babies love when they are teething. Its like 25 bones (bucks) though for a girl giraffe that he chews on. kinda expensive if you ask me. Another item on my hudson wish list is the "baby baeba" food maker machine thing. I made a batch of smashed up avocado and breast milk for Hudsons first meals today. I let him try it for lunch today, he made a funny face but then reached for the whole spoon as if he wanted more. He's gonna have another tablespoon tomorrow for dinner. He had his 6 month well check on monday, it had its ups & downs but i'll talk more about that once i'm finished editing his 6 month pictures. I saw the other day that family had decided to keep their babies sex a secret. Now the world is wondering if their baby is a boy or a girl. I think its strange. I think its a parents responsibility to teach their children appropriate gender roles. Went shopping with my sister the other day for wedding dresses, she's going to be such a beautiful bride! Now if only we could find a drop waist, one shoulder strap, ivory, chiffon dress with a corset we would be good to go. I got a library card a couple of days ago and haven't been this excited about books since being crowned AR queen in the 6th grade. AR standing for accelerated reader.  geek i know, but by reading you gain knowledge and knowledge my friends is power. Today was a good day. Hudson gave me lots of kisses and finally reached for me. He even slept for 13 hours last night. i love that little guy. danny texted "love you" to me today  for no reason at all. I got an hour nap. like i said, today was a good day.

heres a little sneak of what i'm working on ;)

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  1. I love run on sentences and yes, I did read through your train of thought. Sounds like a fabulous day! Those couple hours you have to get away and be just a girl are so necessary, aren't they? You come back from them feeling refreshed and able to take on the world--or at least the laundry, the dishes, the diapers... Super cute photo of your lil' guy! Looking forward to seeing the rest.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear