Friday, June 24, 2011

6 months!

sweet hudson, you turned 6 months old this past weekend and it feels like just yesterday i was peeing every 20 minutes, waddling around and simply just dying to get you out of my tummy. and here we are now, 6 months later. you are, honestly, nothing i ever could of imagined. you dont look like i thought you would look like, you dont act like i thought you would act, you dont sleep the way i was "told" you would sleep =)...but it is just quiet amazing how you are absolutely perfect the way God intended you to be. At 6 months old you have so much personality. You are the sweetest lil guy I've ever met. You laugh when mommy or daddy pretends to cough because you like to pretend to cough also. You talk so much with your daddy which makes my heart melt and smile at the same time. I already can see the bond between you two. Before I ever knew you existed I always prayed that you & your daddy would be close and that you would always look up to him. That is just one of the many prayers I can already see the Lord answering. At 6 months you are doing so much and doing it all so well. Heres what you are up to:

Physical: Well your biggest thing is sitting. It is all you want to do and you are so good at it. Even when you do fall over you put arms back and just roll over. no tears. your such a tough little guy. You really dont like to be on your back anymore unless your sleeping. Your great at doing "push ups" as your daddy calls em. At your 6 month well check the doc continued to commit on how strong you were and how impress she was with your motor skills! Its probably because you do so many push ups. =) Your so close to crawling and truthfully it makes me sad that your going to any day now. Yesterday you were up on all fours and started rocking...i'm not ready for a mover.

Social: You are a talker, but only when you want something. You only cry when it comes to tiredness or being laid on your back because you want to sit up. I always know when your hungry because you start talking. You've had a little bit of stranger/separation anxiety but we've been working on that by letting you play in the pack n play by yourself to where you cant see me but can hear me =) I think its helping. You are always happy, always content and pretty laid back. you love playing peek a boo, patty cake and "riding on the train." Your favorite songs are wheels on the bus and the itsy bitsy spider.

Independence: Your still nursing 5 times a day every 3 to 4 hours. You still sleep 12 hours a night 7:30 to 7:30 usually, some nights around 4 am we hear you awake, its usually because you have flipped on your tummy and cant seem to get back over. Danny flips you and you go right back to sleep. This week I made a batch of avocado mix with breast milk for you to try. You didnt dislike it but you didnt like it either. but you ate the 1 table spoon we gave you. Today you will have it for lunch and dinner.

Okay so thats all the great stuff...heres the not so great...and i just realized i was talking in third person lol. sorry. back to normal. At Hudson's 6 month well check he was doing everything developmentally appropriate for his age so thats good...but the pediatrician is a little concerned with his size. Hudson only gained 3 ounces in 2 months. we go back in a month for a weight check. Heres are his stats:

Weight: 14lbs 11oz ( 7 percentile )
Height: 25.5 in ( 18 percentile )
Head Circumference:16.5 in (8 percentile)

He had a perfect little rainbow curve going on his growth chart until now...She (ped) wants me to start adding 2 to 3 ounces of formula to every feeding! She believes he needs 10-15 more ounces of food every day. crazy huh? I'm still not sure if I totally agree with her. I do think Hudson probably needs a little more at his 4 and 7 o'clock feedings but 15 more ounces?! I would think if hudson was that hungry he wouldnt be sleeping as good as he does and he would be fussy all day?

so moms!! i need your opinions, what do you guys think?! I have enough breast milk saved up for one more full bottle. It takes a me about a week to pump 6 ounces. So theres no way I could pump enough for him to have more every day. I take fenugreek, blessed thistle, drink only water (okay i occasionally have a diet coke but thats like once a week.) and i pump twice a day.

happy 6 months buddy, we love you!


  1. Amber :) You are a super talented photographer. If I ever brave a trip to the DFW area, I am getting you to take my girls pics. Of course it also helps that you have an insanely cute and handsome model. Love the bow tie!!

    Ok - so about Hud's 6 mo check. You recently started solids, so I am almost positive that will do the trick. You might see if letting him nurse a little longer in addition to the solids helps some, but I think you are right about how well he is sleeping with the amount he is getting. I am just thinking that it was time for him to get started on solid foods in addition to your BM.

    K was only 13 lbs at her 4 mo check, and now at 5 months and 3 days she has maybe gained an ounce or two. We are going to start solids soon for that same reason.

    You are doing great mommy! Such a happy little guy you have on your hands :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing an excellent job, Mama! I believe you're right about the food intake. If he sleeps well and isn't fussy (and he's obvious healthy looking) then you don't have to worry about the additional 15 oz (that's a lot, yo). Especially if you're starting him on solids. That will help tremendously--it did for my son. He was born 3 weeks early and didn't gain much weight for a long time and had a growth spurt when he started eating food in addition to formula/breast milk. My son was also a very active baby (and even more so as a toddler)... I think he burns calories quickly, like my Hubs.

    Super cute kiddo and great photo styling (what's not to love about a kid in overalls and bow-tie--geez). Beautiful post processing.

    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  3. AMBER....I'm dying! Your little man is so sweet!!! I want to get my hands on him!!! :)