Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lucky #7

well here we are 7 months into hudson's sweet little life. I feel like since he turned 6 months everything has started going so quickly and like a million things are all being thrown at him at once. From solids, to crawling, to formulas, to cows milk or goats milk, to mastering the pincher grasp, to gaining more weight, to taking only 2 naps instead of 3, sippy cups or bottles?!  It's crazy i tell ya! But the words of my OBGYN keep ringing in my head when I asked her a million times if she was sure a baby was going to be able to come out of there... "women have been doing this for centuries" she would say. And she's right, obviously. And yes mothers have been dealing with these developmental transitions for years, but i'm assuming its only be the grace of God any of us get it right.

At 7 months hudson could be trying out for Opera classes. Everything he says is in song, sort of reminds me of my old graduate professor Dr. Bob. You had to of met him to know what i'm talking about. But yes, somehow my child is a  big talker. Just recently have i really been able to make out actual sounds. Not only is he a big talker, he's also a lot like his daddy in how he shows his affection. He loves giving hugs, kisses and being cuddly. If I'm sitting next to him, he will start to pat my arm and then eventually try to eat my arm. This is also something Hudson enjoys doing...eating. almost anything. Another thing I am grateful for.  He's a great eater, a slow eater, and not a big eater, but a great eater. He eats anything I give him, which means a lot of things like egg yolk, kale & avocado. Hudson's diet is probably pretty interesting and a little different compared to most babies his age, but in a world full of sick, obese, allergenic, & picky eaters like myself... what he eats and puts in his body everyday is extremely important to us. you would be amazed at how much research i have done on "baby food" lol. Other than eating, hudson is really into books lately. He likes looking at them, helping turn the pages, listening to us read them and his favorite thing...chewing on them. He also loves playing in the water, rocking on all fours, watching "Praise Baby"and running errands. Seriously, he is the best baby in public, sometimes I dont even know why we stay inside so much. Another big leap this month was starting to go to "little village" at church, I was so sad the first time we decided to check him in, but it was a great decision because he loves his teachers, and his little friends, its has also made note taking in church a little easier on me =)

At 7 months hudson weighs 15.2 lbs...

At 7 months this is what hudson's schedule looks like, and if you know me at all..its the same way every day for the most part. =)

7:00 AM: Hudson wakes up for the day! He nurses and then either gets to play in the bed or we have blanket time on the floor.
8:30 AM: Hudson naps
10:00 AM: Hudson nurses, and then eats solids!
12:00 PM: Hudson naps!
2:00 PM: Hudson nurses and then eats solids!
4:00 PM: Hudson naps
5:30 PM: Hudson nurses and eats solids!
6:30 PM: gets ready for bed, bath time, pjs, books, swing!
7:00 PM: Bottle and bed time.

It will be interesting to look back in probably 2 months and see how this has changed. haha. theses babies...always changing!

hudson we love you so much!! you make 7 months look good!! =)

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