Sunday, July 10, 2011


this week i have been on vacation sort of, since I dont have Micah, the lil baby boy I keep during the days. It has been really nice just being with hudson. I think he has enjoyed it too. Especially since I have tried really hard to give him a LOT of attention these last few days. So what have I been up to? Obviously not blogging, or cooking, or taking pictures, or swaddling ;)... this is what I've been doing:

eating our daily "mush" which includes: barley, egg yolk, bananas (sometimes pears) and flax seed oil

a lot of shopping at antique stores, hobby lobby & thrift stores

making homemade baby food!

seeing grandparents!

going swimming!

hanging out with sweet cousins!

just being so happy!

celebrating fathers day 

celebrating daddys birthday


more visits with grandparents!

hugs with aunt mandy!

canton shopping!

and heres a little video of our little guy trying so hard to crawl! 


  1. Amber, he just gets cuter by the day! You always take such great pictures!! :)

  2. he's getting SO big!!! and of course handsome as always! wish I could see ya'll soon!!!
    i also think the video is hilarious...that laughing dog...crazy:) love and miss ya'll