Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A lot of times when I change Hudson's diaper, I usually perform this duty at 3 different locations in our house, either in his room on the changing pad, on our bed, or on our living room floor. All of which have their own designated changing stations. All the white cloth diapers are in our room, the yellow ones in the living room and the blue & green ones in his room. Disposables are kept in the diaper bag for emergency situations, church nursery or traveling. Now that Hudson doesn't "sprinkle" as spontaneous as, lets say, 7 months ago, I let him "air out" for longer periods of times during diaper changes. As you probably know, this can help with and/or prevent diaper rash! So typically what I do, if he is on the living room floor after taking the dirty diaper off I let him lay there and go put the diaper in the laundry room to wash it. If its a dirty diaper, I take it to the toilet, dump out the goods and proceed to the laundry room...all while hudson is laying there..."free as a bird."

Well, this morning, Hudson had an unusual poopie diaper, as in massive. Like one more push probably would of lead to an a official blow out. So after cleaning him up, I left him lying there while I went to wash his diaper off. We have a diaper sprayer connected to our toilet so this makes cleaning the diaper a lot easier, but this diaper was bit more stubborn. It was taking me longer to get it clean. As I walked by to put the diaper up I notice hudson was missing from the blanket I left him on. However, what I did notice was a puddle of "liquid" along with more "liquid"spread in a trail that lead to my sweet boy who had made his way to the kitchen. Hudson had to stop for a pit stop to pee after he decided to navigate to the kitchen. Which then lead to him dragging his unsnapped onesie across the wood floor leaving a trail of pee. Once I discovered Hudson, he looked at me and just smiled. What a funny guy.

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