Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinterest Friday

I like assigning subject to helps keep me accountable on my blogging. So now we have Pinterest Fridays along with Granola eating Thursdays, that one should be a real big hit (i wonder how many people caught the sarcasm on that).

If you dont already know about Pinterest, well your seriously out of the loop. Its definetly a train you need to hop on, a fish you need to catch, a ball you need to throw. Okay that was weird..but seriously, its amazing. Slightly addicting but after the first 60 days you start to settle down and it just becomes something you look at when you have free time or you need inspiration or need  an idea for decorating or an outfit or what to cook for dinner...whatever it is you name will find it on Pinterest.  

Pinterest lets you organize all the things you find online in one place? Saw a cute dress at, pin it, clicked on a vintage dresser from restoration hardware, pin it, found a cute craft acitivty for your toddler on someone's blog, pin it, okay you get the idea. Besides book marking and keeping up with the things you find online it also lets you see what everyone else is pinning. It not only gives you the picture but it gives you the website and with one click takes you directly to the site, whether its a blog, a retail store, a photographers website etc. 

Interested yet? Go to and sign up! You have to be invited, so sign up for an invitation and a couple of days later you will be invited to join! Its serious stuff people! 

Here are some of my favorite finds thus far:
gender reveal party...i think i may steal this idea
love this for a christmas card photo
need a costume idea?
do it yourself headboard, stretch fabric over canvas and staple. 
Lasagna cups? yes!

and theres even really sweet quotes like this...

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