Thursday, August 25, 2011

granola eating thursday

Urban dictionary defines "granola eater" as someone who is hippie like. You know who they are... the tree huggers, no make up-pers, all organic eaters, home birth-ers etc.  I remember using it in college with my roommates, to label the coffee drinkers who were reading their english lit books while smoking on a bali hai clove... usually dressed in khaki or some other boring color. I hadn't heard this term  since college,  but then it came up at a birthday party we were at the other day.

One of the person's there started talking about a friend of theirs and saying how their friend cloth diapers, feeds their kid all organic and wouldnt even let their kid have a normal birthday cake, etc... and then went on to label them as a granola eater. It hit me..."I'm a granola eater!" "Hudson is a granola child!" The second we got in the car I asked danny about it. A part of me felt weird, felt bad almost. Was I depriving my child? Was I being a bad parent? Danny quickly reassured me with a question right back "You think your a bad parent because you want the best for Hudson, Because you want him to be healthy?"

I couldn't of said it better to be honest. Well maybe I could type it better but you get the idea. I do want Hudson to be the healthiest he can possibly be. And I always want to do whats best for the environment. And I always want to be good stewards with our finances.  All of these reasons are why we've chosen to raise our son a certain way. Sure we're not like extremist , theres a lot worse out there and we are normal people. And I love chik fila. And we ordered Pizza Hut last night. But for the most part we try to stay as "granoloie" as we can. =)

So yes, in this house:  we cloth diaper, eat organically (as much as possible), dont drink cows milk, take probiotics, stay away from antibiotics, try a home remedy before any other technique, make our own baby food, eat vegetables for breakfast, skip juice all together, hardly ever use the microwave, and hope our child will never ever ever have a happy meal from any fast food restaurant Lord willing.  (that last one was stretching it...but a girl can hope right?!) =)

Anyway, I'm okay with being a granola eater. It may be crazy. It may be weird. It may be expensive. But... the more and more I learn about things the "crazier" this momma is going to get. For awhile I was a little embarrassed about how danny & I were choosing to raise our son but our way isnt wrong, its just different. And I was thinking it might be a good idea to just enlightenment others on our ways. So for now i'm going to have "granola eater thursday" to sort of explain our reasons to all this so called madness. Why we cloth diaper, whats a probiotic?, goats milk, seriously? Yup, i'm going to go there... I promise I have great reasoning for it all, I dont just dream this stuff up people. Hey you know never know, you might even start eating granola. ;)

wanna know something funny? I dont even eat granola.

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  1. Yea!!! I can't wait for Granola Thursday!!!
    I love the part about no happy meal. When we go to McDonalds so I have have a diet coke (diet cancer) Brenley always says, "Mommy, we don't eat McDonalds. McDonalds has chemicals in their food!" I love it!!! Now Chick Fil A is a different story ;)