Monday, August 8, 2011

were mobile.

it is definitely official, our, sweet, smelly, 15 pound 7 month old boy is crawling. I have taken a million and one videos for the past week and cannot get them to work on here! Finally i got this one...its not the best, but i needed something for the blog! Hudson picked up crawling so easily it seemed. He never scooted, never army crawled...he went from doing the superman, to up on all fours, to all out crawling. I have to give danny a lot of the credit..well him and murphy. Danny worked with hudson one day after hud had been doing a lot of the rocking and trying to crawl but couldnt quiet figure his left leg out. At first I was a little worried because even at our 6 month check up the ped suggested we get his left hip looked at, but we sort of just shrugged it off and just prayed for it. The next day after danny had worked with Hudson, he started crawling. Crazy! I honestly believe its just another example of how big an impact a daddy makes in a child's life, especially their sons. Hudson's biggest motivator is either murphy or me. He loves to go after murphy and then he likes to try to get to wherever I am at. Its really pretty sweet. He has even started to go after danny. This morning when Danny was leaving for work, Hudson started crawling towards the door after him. Then yesterday at church he got moved up to the "mobile" room! I cant believe he's already transitioning to another class! 

This whole crawling thing has also had its down side... besides me being super paranoid about the floors being clean, light sockets covered, and cords out of reach, crawling has seem to put a damper on hudson's sleep. Since this new "skill" has developed, its pretty much all he wants to do. So whenever we put him down for nap or bed time...he immediately rolls over and starts crawling from one end of the crib to the other. He did the same thing when he learned to roll over too, so I'm hoping this is only going to last a few more days because this whole 9 PM bed time is not working over here, 7:30 is much more like it. =)

oh and if for some reason the video doesnt work...can someone please tell me how to do it because for some reason it wont work for me! =)

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