Thursday, September 15, 2011

mondays on a thursday

first off i'm loving the new blogger layout. has anyone updated their blogger settings? I also updated my blog look all together, what do you think? So fresh and clean looking! secondly, i discovered today that my blog has been viewed over 27,000 times. Is it just me or does that sound like a lot?!

Anyway, the other day was monday. I wrote this post then, but forgot to post it. how does that even happen? who knows.

 Most people dread Monday. In fact, when i logged into my morning routine of checking facebook ...ya know to see if anyones pregnant, engaged, etc.  while i was scrolling down the news feed I noticed 2 things, 1) People really hate dislike mondays and 2) Apparently the Cowboys lost.  Now the second thing I'm not sure why theres still so much complaining going on considering the last time the Cowboys were any good, I was in the fourth grade decorating our hallway for the best super bowl party contest (we won in case your wondering).  But the first one, is not me at all. I love Mondays! Its the only day of the week where its just me & Hudson! Its the only day I can actually run errands and spend as much time out of the house as i want! Some Mondays, like this past one, my mom comes over for a few hours to help me or watch Hudson while I go places that arent so kid friendly, like the dentist office.

To be honest, i really really dislike going to the dentist. Not only is it never fun to have random drill like scrape-y tools in your mouth rubbing up against your teeth, its a whole hour of awkwardness. I seriously do not understand why dentist try to have a conversation with you while your mouth is wide open, they have your tongue pressed down with whatever tool of choice they are using all while some bright light shinning down on your face. How in the world is anyone suppose to answer "what have you up to these days?" Dr. Miller, are you serious? Or is this just some cruel inside joke that dentist across the world laugh at when they are all together at their dentisty conventions?! This type of "talk" goes off & on for the whole hour. So for an whole hour I'm at a loss of words, literally.

other than the awkwardness of the cleaning part, my dentist informed of me two things. 1) its time for my wisdom teeth to come out and 2) i probably should go see a TMJ specialist. If you didnt know, my jaw locks if opened too wide. For instance when yawning, biting into an apple, or opening for a teeth cleaning ;) etc.  also it is a bit on the crooked side. Dr. Miler  told me that I have two options when it comes to "realigning my jaw" to first try out a night guard thing-a-ma-jig for a while and if that doesnt work then to have jaw surgery, where my jaw would first have to be broken and then fixed. Sounds enticing doesnt it? I think we will try the night guard out first.

Besides the teeth cleaning and jaw breaking convos, I got to talk to Dr. Miller about hudson's teeth or lack there of. He suggested I start letting Hudson experiment with a tooth brush and become familiar with it. So we have now added "teeth brushing" to our nightly routine. Lately I've pretty much been doing this whole "bed time" routine myself, with danny chiming in from time to time, but I think it will be beneficial & special for Hudson if daddy starts having a bigger role in it! So tonight, danny & I are going to sit down and plan out hudson's nightly rituals, dont worry a blog will follow with the results! =)

Well, the boys are both down for their morning nap so that means quiet time for this momma!

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